The DMT3.7 serial number 001 finds its place at the summit


November 6, 2015. The first DMT3.7 transport player completes a full JMF Audio stack in Luxembourg.

The world's first complete JMF Audio stack; all electronics, all cables.

A 30 year history, a bottom-up approach symbolized on the rack.

1985 the first power amplifiers, the base.
2015 the first source, on the top...

The installation done, everyone takes a seat and starts the listening session : reference CDs, SACDs, Pure Audio Blu-ray discs (stereo 24 bits / 192 kHz, no picture) and high-res files streamed from the home Network. The music fills the room and emotion grows...


The first DMT3.7 universal transport finds its place on the top. 

A major achievement.

A highly anticipated moment.

The DMT 3.7 finds its place at the summit...

A 30 year history, from the power amplifiers to the source through power line conditioning and cables.

Screen down, closing the day with Lang Lang interpreting Chopin in Versailles (Blu-ray disc, the high definition picture complements the best sound). 

Openness and universality well beyond the technology.


"If you plan to build it, I order it and request serial number 001"

8 years ago this music lover received his first JMF Audio D/A converter and made the wish for a transport designed with the same philosophy of excellence. Here it is! Thank you for your patience.

The next day: 

"The sound is incredibly natural, I never thought so much information could be extracted [...]. I am very very very satisfied and surprised. I have a new system." 

The next week: 

"Higher definition sound with Pure Audio Blu-ray discs was expected, but such an improvement on the regular CDs that knew so well is amazing and unexpected. I rediscover."

The next month: 

"The ability to play all sorts of media opens to enormous listening possibilities. I also purchased files from Architekt of Sound and it is very impressive."


The DMT3.7 universal source advantageously replaced here three devices : a dematerialized music server, a consumer Blu-ray player and a renowned Japanese CD/SACD transport featuring their exclusive and famous mechanism with metal tray loader, which used to set the reference.



Several DMT3.7 transports have since been delivered in France (see The privileged first owners). The exports overseas are planned to start in January 2016. However we wish to inform the music lovers and musical jewels lovers that the first manufacturing lots had been ordered before their release and that the lead time for the next keeps increasing with the demand. Please contact us to reserve yours, we'll do our best.



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