Presentation of the DMT3.7 to the privileged first owners


World premiere - September 25, 2015. 

The privileged first owners of the DMT3.7 transport/streamer player were invited at JMF Audio; first to contemplate their jewel being manufactured and second to discover the sound of the final version which has somehow become magical since the prototype presented in Munich at Hifideluxe. The listening session started with CD / SACD / Blu-ray Audio discs and later shifted to dematerialized music from a USB drive and a NAS (network). Finally HD videos of concerts were played from Blu-ray Video discs as well as streamed from the NAS. 

We opened the day with the Violin Concertos of Tchaïkovsky performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Wiener Philharmoniker conducted by André Previn (DG 2004). All types of music of all periods were played, as diverse as the audiophile reference Cantate Dominino (Proprius 1976) on SACD which was more astonishing than ever, the surprising Americana (Sono Luminus 2012) and the epic Magnificat (2L 2014) both on Blu-ray Pure Audio discs. Eric Bibb (blues), Melody Gardot, Anouar Brahem with John Surnam, Edward Perraud with Benoit Delbecq (drums/piano) and many others played one after the other with charm and ease which proved again the great and envied universality that the JMF Audio products provide.

The music is so natural, full and detailed that it absolutely transcends the format and the media. Anyhow discs tend to provide a more immersive and holographic rendering, this is JMF Audio's DMT3.7 magic! 

Friendly discussions among passionate JMF Audio customers, musical delights, it was a wonderful day in good company.


Audiophiles music lovers are welcome to live the same experience. The DMT3.7 will be released in October (DMT3.7 page). Please contact us.


The invited first owners contemplating their highly anticipated DMT3.7 transport being manufactured.


BDPM1 machined precision optical mechanism!

Gold plated, hand soldered audio printed circuits boards!

DMT3.7 "The dream machine"

The world's highest perceived sound quality on JMF Audio DMT3.7 and DXC2.2 MK2 768kHz converter.

Audio only. Intense moment for the first owners of the DMT3.7 who are discovering the sound of the final version which has somehow become magical since the pototype presented at Hifideluxe in Munich.

Blu-ray Pure Audio disc listening! Americana, Modern Mandoline Quartet. Produced by Sonoluminus, USA, engineered by Daniel Shores.

"Living" the Pure Audio track, 

"Living" the audio/video track,

played one after the other; 

from the Blu-ray of Jan Gunnar Hoff, Living, produced by 2L, engineered by Morten Lindberg, Norway.



Streaming of HD audio/video content, recording of Edward Perraud & Benoit Delbecq, drums/piano in a church in Paris. Title "Mother Earth". Production Architekt of Sound, Engineered by Philippe Tessier-du-Cros, Film directed by Laurent Ciron.


A few comments:

"No need to compare, the DMT3.7 totally buries my Kalista Reference" 

"The sound is fuller and greater, right from the first notes"

"I find that the CD sounds much more natural on the DMT3.7 than the ripped file on the computer [highly optimized computer connected via USB to the same DAC]"

"There has not been any real development in audio tranports in the past ten years, the DMT3.7 is absolutely remarkable in many ways" 



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