HPM400 loudspeaker









HTS woofer

HPH horn

HPX crossover

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Woofer HTS200 (12") Neodymium magnet core and Carbon fiber cone - JMF Audio
Horn HPH2001 controlled dispersion horn (massive, hand finished) - JMF Audio 
Compression driver TD2001-JMF (1" output) vaporized Beryllium dome - JMF Audio customized TAD
Horn/speaker assembly Consolidated round edges - JMF Audio
Cabinet technology MLS50 (50mm 7 layers, anti-resonant materials construction) - JMF Audio 
Cross-over HPX400 very high level - precision linear - JMF Audio
Type 2.5 ways (self contained)
Nominal impedance
Finish Massive ash
Sensitivity  96dB/W/m
Bandwidth 38Hz (-3dB)..23kHz (0dB)
Power handling 400W RMS

Dimensions (overall HxLxD)

1350 x 500 x 620mm 
Weight 170kg /pc (incl. cross-over)
Speaker stand SSC adjustable (3 cones) - JMF Audio
Options Woofers cover

HPM400 overall dimensions



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