May 18 - 20,  2017    


Munich, Marriott Hotel, Studio 6


A complete suite of the JMF Audio elements will be presented in Munich in a different atmosphere. The latest technical innovations and new reference recordings will be unveiled. 

While JMF Audio has continued innovating and developing, many Pure Audio Blu-ray discs (new high definition audio disc, no picture) have been released in the past year. Productions for major labels (London Symphony Orchestra, Berliner Philharmoniker, DECCA...), productions by Grammy Awards winners (Jim Anderson, Sono Luminus...) and most of all: recordings with JMF Audio equipment by 28 times American Grammys nominated engineer and producer Morten Lindberg for 2L... JMF Audio will offer the best to make well known, less known, and such new outstanding recordings thrill the audience...

The science and the art, involvement and genuiness, we look forward to sharing our approach with you again.


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Place of event 

Munich Marriott Hotel

Berlinerstrasse 93 

80805 Munich


JMF Audio will exhibit in Studio 6, first floor, end of corridor, from 12:00 to 20:00.



Bus shuttle service between the High-End fair and Hifideluxe 

The Hifideluxe show is not part of the High-End fair which takes place at the M.O.C. Munich (Messe München). Hifideluxe is a different organization. For visitors' convenience, a bus shuttle will make the link between the M.O.C. and the Marriott Hotel every 15 minutes. At the M.O.C. the bus will stop by Hall 3, Lilienthal Allee 45.


Hifideluxe organization

Please visit Hifideluxe web site for details.

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