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Chicago's Shaumburg Convention Center, top floor, Presidential Suite, was the place where the latest version of the JMF Audio analog amplification line was presented. A first in the USA since the introduction in the recording studios of Nashville in 1989. 

AXPONA 2022 inaugurated JMF Audio's North American representation by Audio Skies, a long established Los Angeles based company.

The JMF Audio instruments for the music were presented in the new Orose ® black case finish. It was a pleasure to unveil the following exclusives to the North American music lovers:

- HQS 6002 dual-mono power amplifier, new version G

- PRS 1.5 dual-mono preamplifier, new version F, with the MBR1 remote control

- PCD 102 dual-section mains filter, powering JMF Audio electronic components for the first time

- PC3 version D power cord, featuring the new JMF Audio IEC carbon plug, the very first model built


We are thankful to international pianist, Mr. George Vatchnadze, for sponsoring the room through Kyomi Audio in partnership with Audio Skies.


JMF Audio HQS 6002 dual-mono amplification

PRS 1.5 preamplification with PC3 cord and

PCD 102 power line conditioner on the rack


We are thankful to the music lovers of America for their enthusiasm and comments.

The accent was put on the heritage, with demonstrations on a selection of musics that were engineered using the France made JMF Audio equipment over the past three decades. A special note for the music of American double-bass player Charlie Haden, recorded in France.

It was a pleasure to welcome passionate reviewers from historical and online magazines.

North American representation by Audio Skies inaugurated with its president Mr. Michael Vamos.


Mrs. Ulrike Schwarz and Mr. Jim Anderson, Grammy Awards winning sound engineer and former president of the Audio Engineering Society, made us the honor of visiting our room and demonstrated their last production of Patricia Barber's "Clique" in master DXD format.

A pleasure to meet with Canadian artist Anne Bisson, whose recordings are valued by many music lovers, including ourselves.


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North American representation:

Audio Skies

Mr. Michael Vamos

+1 (310) 975-7099

USA - Los Angeles, California


Some of the comments:

"I am pianist, retired. I also used to be a professional percusionnist in an orchestra in Chicago. You know, we, musicians hear things that other people do not hear. I just wanted to let you know your demonstration really impressed me..."  (photo on the right)

"Some friends in Asia told me about the JMF Audio components but I had never been able to experience. Now I can tell they didn't lie to me."

"The [speakers] driven by JMF Audio electronics were a delight. From the minute I walked in, a piano solo was captivating..."

"This piece of Shostakovich was recorded in a venue in the Netherlands, the Royal Concertgebouw, where the stage is somehow a bleacher, the musicians being at different levels. Here I hear that the vertical image is perfectly reproduced, although this is only stereo..."

Renown reviewer

"The most natural-sounding vocals I’d heard thus far at AXPONA ... timbre was exceptionally lifelike. Quite impressively musical and realistic." Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

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