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Heritage   -  the recording studios 

Soundville Studios, Luzern, Switzerland. The passionate studio owner and main engineer asked for the evaluation of the JMF Audio power amplification technology for the control room in 1988 (the isolated room in which the sound engineer and the producer evaluate the technical choices and monitor the overall sound result). A never experienced natural sound filled the room! Tom Hidley, the American designer of the studio, was advised to come and listen. It was the JMF Audio's breakthrough...

Nashville, USA, the music city, 1989. The greatest studio complex, designed by Tom Hidley, was the place where critical measurements and sound evaluations of the purpose designed JMF Audio mono amplifiers had to take place. Comparisons with the installed and trusted Swiss made mono blocks were carried on by the highly focused engineers... After one day and one night of evaluations, the engineers declared that Jean Marie Fusilier's creation was absolutely more faithful... The studios owner and Grammy Awards winner instantly acquired several power amplifiers. The reputation of the studios had to be preserved.

The above paragraphs are a summary of the story. 

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Starting from the results in Nashville, Tom Hidley has advised JMF Audio's power amplifiers which ideally complemented his unique approach to simple path, neutral and faithful sound monitoring:      

Masterfonics, Mix Room, USA, with the JMF Audio designed power amplifiers was awarded best control room of the USA in 1998 by professional magazine Mix. Many hits were produced at Masterfonics, including Shania Twain's...

Nomis, London, England (mono block power amplifiers)

Mosfilm, Moscow, Russia (mono block power amplifiers)

Capri Digital, Italy (mono block power amplifiers)

Plateforme, Bézier, France (mono block power amplifiers)

Polygone, Toulouse, France (mono block power amplifiers)

Music Palace, New York, USA (multi platinum record producer and owner, in replacement of famed Swiss mono blocks)

... and many more studios and listening rooms in the 90's and 00's, mostly in France, the USA and Asia.

JMF Audio has continued to cooperate with the leaders and deliver the best. Other jewels of sound complemented the offering for the professionals and the audiophiles who put music first. 

Some recent references are: 

Miscendo Studios, Paris, France 2015, for the multi platinum sound engineer and owner who formerly operated at Larabee Studios, Los Angeles, USA, and Studios de la Grande Armée, Paris (the studio with the most prestigious pedigree in France), JMF Audio delivered HQS9001 mono power amplifiers, power cords, cables, custom monitors and took in charge the integration... 

Lindberg Lyd (2L), Norway, 2016 (classical music and jazz). With 28 nominations (to date) for the Grammy Awards with respect to the excellence of his work, the producer and owner Morten Lindberg integrated JMF Audio's PCD302 mains conditioner and power cords to supply the recording equipment in the pursuit of the most natural sounding albums. 2L was pioneer for Blu-ray Pure Audio discs production (new high definition audio-only format). Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories (piano solo jazz recorded in a church) was the first Blu-ray Pure Audio album ever recorded using JMF Audio's technology. This time the contribution of JMF Audio on the sound was direct and engraved on the disc, for the enjoyment of all music lovers on all systems (hybrid SACD also included). Many new audiophile reference recordings are to be expected from 2L...

MSM Studios of Germany, pioneers and developer of the Blu-ray Pure Audio standard (patent and publication at the Audio Engineering Society), partner with JMF Audio.
Sono Luminus, USA, recording studio created by the founders of Cisco Systems (top supplier of computer networking tools) also produce Pure Audio Blu-ray discs. Their in-house producer and sound engineer were nominated for the Gammys many times and won several Awards.
AREA Entertainment, Germany, is co-founder of the Pure Audio Recordings label and also supports JMF Audio.   

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Tom Hidley was a musician, sound engineer and co-founded the legendary Westlake Audio of Los Angeles. He has become the most influential and respected recording studios designer in the world. Tom Hidley's studios (TTG Hollywood, Westlake Recording, The Record Plant... to name only the eldest of his hundreds of creations) have housed the most talented engineers, producers and musicians for the creation of formidable international hits (Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Shania Twain...) and numerous audiophiles references. From the beginning, famous names such as Frank Sinatra didn't hire Tom Hidley for the aesthetic of the products, but only for the sound. 

In Europe, the Castle of Hérouville, which became composer Michel Magne's studio, may be the symbol of the pioneers' era, with enthusiastic Elton John about Hidley's contribution during the sessions for "Don't shoot me, I am only the piano player", as documented by journalist Frank Ernould. Most major studios in France were later designed by the master (Studios de la Grande Armée, Davout, Les Dames, Marcadet, Guillaume Tell, Polygone, Plateforme, AB, ...). 

Tom Hidley left Westlake and in the early 80's focused on studio design with the development of a new non-environmental room acoustics concept for faithful sound quality monitoring up to concert level sound pressures. In 1988, he found in JMF Audio's amplifiers the natural sound and high output power that perfectly matched the concept.

A rare interview was given to Sound On Sound in 1986, not long before discovering JMF Audio.   > Read more

Tom Hidley designed studios including JMF Audio's power amplifiers such as Masterfonics (Nashville) and Nomis (London) are used as examples and illustrations in Philip Newell's book "Recording Studios Design".  > Read more


Miscendo, Paris (2015)

Custom installation for studio owner Nicolas Stawski who has been one of the most demanded sound engineer in France (multi platinum albums) and previously worked freelance in legendary studios (Studios de la Grande Armée in Paris, Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles...).  

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Pure Audio excellence

Pure Audio Blu-ray is the latest high definition audio disc format (no video) that outperforms CD and SACD (Super Audio CD). 2L of Norway, the MSM studios of Germany and JMF Audio of France are the pioneers on Pure Audio Blu-ray, respectively for recording/producing, authoring/development and playback.   

First label and studio
for Blu-ray Pure Audio

First studio for Blu-ray
Pure Audio development
and authoring (including mShuttle)

First manufacturer of
a Blu-ray Pure Audio optimized player




The Pure Audio Blu-ray standard and the partners  >

Pure Audio Recordings  >

Universal Music has also taken advantage of the Blu-ray since 2013 with releases as High Fidelity Pure Audio for Verve, Blue Note, DECCA, Deutsche Grammophon, A&M, Motown... (new releases as well as remasterings of legendary albums, such as Beethoven the 9 Symphonies with Karajan in 2014, on only one disc)

The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), The Berliner Philharmoniker have moved to Pure Audio Blu-ray production.

Numerous works released on Blu-ray Pure Audio have been nominated for the Grammy Awards (28 times to date for 2L only), with several wins (Patricia Barber, Gregory Porter, Roger Waters...). Major Grammy Awards winners produce Blu-ray Pure Audio discs, such as Jim Anderson (Avatar Studios), Darcy Proper (Wisseloord Studios), Sono Luminus (recording studio created by the founders of Cisco Systems, the top supplier of computer networking tools). Sono Luminus is also the official studio for Steinway & Sons' artists. 

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International presentations

Latest international presentations

Munich 2017 - Hifideluxe

Munich 2016 Munich 2015 / 30th Anniversary

IHEAC 2016, Indonesia

Acclaimed "Best sound" by the audience and reviewers. 

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