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JMF Audio, full ensemble, the elegance of black

Complete JMF Audio ensemble in a former theatre, Paris

JMF Audio, full ensemble, Hong Kong, permanent showroom    > Showroom inauguration and interview

Hong Kong Super High-end Audio Seminar 2018    > Read show report

The first delivered DMT 3.7 universal disc player perfectly completed a JMF Audio ensemble...  



JMF Audio, full ensemble, four HQS9001 mono amplifiers (with additional vinyl, reel-to-reel and tuner sources) 

HQS 7001 amplifiers, PRS 1.5 pre-amplifier, PCD 302 power line conditioner, CM8 line and SR8 speaker cables 


HQS 7001 amplifiers, PRS 1.5 pre-amplifier, PCD 302 power line conditioner, CM8 line and SR8 speaker cables 

DMT 3.7 transport, DXC 2.2 MKII converter, 

HQS 9001 power amplifiers, PRS 1.5 pre-amp, PCD 302 mains conditioner (hidden), 

CM4 line and DP5 digital interconnects.

JMF Audio elements sublime all configurations...


Recording and mixing studios

Miscendo, Paris (2015)

Custom installation for studio owner Nicolas Stawski who has been one of the most demanded sound engineer in France (multi platinum albums) and previously worked freelance in legendary studios (Studios de la Grande Armée in Paris, Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles...).  

> Read report about article in Pro Sound News UK

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Our salons

JMF Audio's Studio A, remarkable surrond sound room of the world featuring the mighty HPM1000 system, with 4m high ceiling visual and 7m top acoustically.

Our salons   >  Reserved for measurements, evaluations and presentations 

Renowned editor Mr. Jack Liu of Taiwan presents the JMF Audio's HPM1000 in his book   >  Read more  



Audio enthusiasts and music lovers:

Mr. M.B. (HPM 500, HQS 9001, PRS 1.5, DXC 2.2 MKII, CM4, SR8)  Russia:

"I went to many shows, listened to many systems. I owned the most sought after tube amps and I was not convinced by horn based speakers. Time passed and I was looking for something really qualitative soundwise. A sound engineer made me discover JMF Audio. I loved what I heard and the approach. Everything was better than expected." after reception of the system: "Magnificent [...] Thank you for your excellent production! [...]".

Mr. J.P. (HPM 500, HQS 9001, PRS 1.5, DXC 6.10, CM4, SR8, PC2, DP2)  Paris: 

"I first came for the speakers... [...] Then I wanted to compare the other elements..."  

A couple of days after delivery: "I am amazed and happy, the result is astonishing, even in my small room [...] The sound is sweet and lively [...] The power amplifiers have got all the good of tube amps and provide power, precision..."

Mr. A.M. (HQS 9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, SR8, DP3, PC3)

"With JMF Audio there is no silence, notes last much longer...", "With the preamplier and the new DAC, my system gained in detail, I rediscover all my records... It is beautiful"

Mr. D.H. (HPM 500, HQS 9001, PRS 1.5, DXC 6.10, CM4, SR8, PC3, DP3):

"This truly is a great listening [...]" with vinyl and digital sources, in replacement of a fully customized audiophile 4 way digital system.

Mr. B.F. (HQS 6002) F, USA:

"The demos in your rooms were the best I had heard in 15 years of listening in the audiophile world as well as in professional studios. Absolute transparency, much energy, deep and hyper stable image, no listening fatigue, no stress when listening"

Mr. S.D. (HQS 6002, DXC2.2, SR4, CM4, PC2) JBL monitors :

"About 10 years ago I heard about JDF Audio thanks to a sound engineer. After many years experiencing with different hifi and professional equipments, I had a chance to put my hands on HQS2400 power amps. I finally got power as well as musicality to drive my JBL monitors. The path toward the new JMF Audio releases was natural and marked a last step forward. The resemblance is here along with a feel that the power delivery is endless while being melodious right from the first watt"

Mr. J.D. (HQS 6002, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, DP2, PC3) France:

"I don't define myself as an audiophile since I don't listen to jazz or classical, but anyway, the difference [with my previous equipment] is stunning! I rediscover all my recordings... I have purchased a lot of new CDs and DVDs since! I also subscribed to an online music service [stream to the DAC] which made me discover talented artists, in hi-res!"


Mr. C.H. (former HQS 7001, now HQS 9001, DXC2.2, SR8, CM4) The Netherlands :

"The sound signature of my HQS7001 is... that there is no sound signature, only music [...] Superior dynamic and such a natural high frequency response [...] so many details and punchy low"

"I have received the DXC2.2 and you were right: it is a very musical sounding D/A-converter. Sometimes I have the impression that I’m listening to a direct (microphone) feed. There are many more ambiance clues and a better 3D sound stage. The midrange and treble are both more refined." (formerly using a regarded tube based DAC...)

Mr. G.T.A. (tube amps user) acquired the PCD302, Singapore:

"I am buying it blind. I hope I won't be disappointed since my standard is extremely high"  After reception: 

"It is the best that I have ever heard! It surpasses all AC conditioner out there. Dynamic no compression at all! Images are rock solid. And bass solidity improves tremendously. And there is a lot of tonal color. Punch and attack are all there! I need to import at least another one." (via email)


Mr. R.Y. (HQS 6002, PRS1.5, SR8, CM4), Singapore. 

"I’ve been using a Japanese brand (tube amp and preamp) and cables were either (Denmark) or (Netherland). The most notable difference was the liveliness of the music, the soundstage and details. Your amp is also quieter." via email (2011)

Mr. C.M. (PRS 1.5, CM4):

"Saturday I plugged the PRS1.5 preamp in my Mark Levinson 436. Right from the first notes: clearly superior to [...], better hold low frequencies and more dynamic, unique JMF Audio mids for musicality, wider and nearer sound stage. In summary: more music and less hifi. A reference preamp to be associated to all power amps. Congratulations on this success!" via email.

Mr. C.M. soon purchased HQS 7001 and later HQS 9001 power amplifiers

Mr. P.V. (DXC 2.2) about DP3 AES-EBU cable: 

"I received the cable today and tested it. Indeed music is more present, purer, with an improvement on all the spectrum. The enthousiast reactions that one can read on your web site are not overworked at all. [...]" via e-mail (2015)

Mr. M.I. (HQS 7001, PRS1.5, CM4, SR8, PC2) Asia:

"We were shocked [...] the sound has become soft while with very very very high resolution [...] Thank you for providing jewelry products"


Mr. Nicolas Stawski, recording/mixing engineer, studio owner in Paris, France. (2014)

(HQS9001, SR8, PC3, custom monitors and integration) 

"The listening is of an incredible precision. The image is superb and the results translate absolutely well to the outside world [...] It must be lived to be believed. It got beyond my expectations. Thank you."

Mr. Mick A., world class studio owner in New York City, USA 

"You definitely make the best electronics in the world [...]" (2007) formely using famed Swiss made pre. and amps.

Mr. Carlo Talamona, world class studio owner in Italy

"I have owned my (JMF Audio) power amps since the early 90's and I believe they are still on top..." (2007)

Mr. Alain Amouyal, composer, world-class studio owner, south of France. Silcord Productions USA.

Artists Without Frontiers

Polygone Studios, Toulouse, France (JMF Audio amplification and cables):

"I could not live without them" (HQS3200 power amplifiers, M. Delmas)

"The new HQS9001 sound wonderful and so powerful" (new studio owner)


Visitors' comments:



"Another important mention and Gold Show Award winner is a French company called JMF Audio. They managed to put together a room with a huge soundstage and perfectly integrated sound. Check out the video folks, there is something to learn about JMF Audio." (web site)

"Well worth watching. JMF Audio, outstanding!" (twitter)

Peter Breuninger, reviewer, USA, at Munich Hifideluxe 2015

> See Munich show report 

"We are not listening to a system, we are taking part! Such a subtlety! This is absolutely remarkable. I had never heard such a result in all my career [...] I am retired but in another life, I'd sell JMF Audio only." Once back in Paris: "I must admit I still have difficulties to realize what I heard from my discs. It is starting to miss me. I just wrote an article on my blog to share my experience: > read article (french)" (2014) 

David Blecher, ex. manager of Présence Audio Conseil, Paris, respected high-end audio equipment seller since the mid 70's, former sound engineer.


"In over 30 years I attended numerous presentations around the world (shops, guru-manufacturers, exhibitions...) [...] The only thing I care about is the sound. My current setup is satisfying, but by far not at this level. [...] The JMF Audio system is so homogeneous with a feeling of real. It is full, voluptuous, convincing, and on all types of music, at all listening levels. There is nothing to add. [...] I am realizing that the sound I have been looking for is not a myth! People had made me doubt... [...] Now we need to talk."

J-L. Bastia, Belgium (2015), long time audiophile, very high quality components owner.


"An unforgettable sound experience!

It does only exist high sensitivity (unfortunately too rare) mastered (JMF Audio has achieved it) to reach such a realism, being on aspects of: dynamics, energy, swiftness, and image (size of the sound stage!); timbres refinement (indeed here too...); and bandwidth expansion...

A realism that many systems dream of « tickling » one day.

P. Sanches.  Audiophile Society President, France, via e-mail (2013)


"Conviction, it is the first word that I wrote on my notes of listening impressions [...] It is absolutely not usual for me, but here I found myself willing to clap the fingers, shake my feet and my head. I really had to keep control and I wondered whether I was going into a frenzy [...] Whichever the type of music, I got seduced with the simple straightforwardness, an emotional direct link with music [...] It is difficult to get an idea from reading the web site [...] My only advice is to accept the invitation that is made on the site to come over and live an intense sensorial experience [...] The first time I came to Saint-Peter-of-Rome, I got amazed [...] Today I find myself in the same situation. I had to leave the article rest for a while not to write under the strike of the emotion [...]"

J-M. Villafranca, Switzerland, extracts from "Visit at JMF Audio", Audiophile Magazine (2014)



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