JMF Audio, France, founded by Jean-Marie Fusilier, has designed and manufactured precision, high power and natural sounding reference audio power amplifiers since 1985. The quality of the products has convinced the most prestigious studios of Nashville (USA) and numerous professionals worldwide. Jean-Marie Fusilier's two sons joined JMF Audio with advanced engineering skills and passion. After years of research and development JMF Audio proposes a product line of excellence that covers all aspects of audio ; for the discerning sound engineers, audiophiles, music lovers.

The head engineers (2013) 

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Jean-Marie Fusilier (center), power amplifiers, drivers, cables, acoustics

Company founder in 1974, pioneer and renown expert in high frequency (RF) and infra red remote control systems for critical industrial and defense applications. End clients names : AIRBUS, RENAULT RVI, PSA, THALES, SOLVAY, EUROTUNNEL, FRENCH ARMY... Holder of numerous patents. Created the audio department in 1985, by passion. 

High fidelity audio enthusiast, Jean-Marie Fusilier designed, built and sold his first tube power amplifiers in the 60's and designed his first large scale speakers in the early 80's.

Laurent Fusilier (right), analog and digital electronics, signal processing, acoustics 

Graduate HES Engineer (Switzerland) in electronics and from SUPELEC in signal processing (thesis in applied psychoacoustics at Siemens Research, USA). Holder of several patents. Immersed in electronics and music from a very young age.

Arnaud Fusilier (left), mechanics, drivers, speakers, acoustics

Graduate ENI Engineer in mechanical engineering and from ENSEEIHT in robotics (thesis at the University of Winnipeg, Canada). Holder of several patents. Immersed in music and electroacoustics from a very young age.





JMF Audio, honoring music since 1985.






JMF Audio believes that only very high precision can guarantee the desirable musicality and expression for all musics. "Very high precision" does not only mean excellent measurement figures. It also involves a subtle convergence of scientific rigor and craftsman's work of art to reach the pinnacle of musical rendering: the three dimensional sound stage, the accurate timbres, the subtle ambiances, the fullness, the emotion. Only few parameters are measurable with traditional methods and this is where knowhow makes the great difference.
The products and the components are designed in-house and assembled by our experienced technicians. Our exclusive gold plated printed circuit boards require hand soldering. The loudspeakers are handmade by our master artisan... A great majority of European components are employed and most of them are made to measure specifically. At last every unit is verified by listening in our studios after a burn-in period to ensure that the client receives the best. Each JMF Audio product is an instrument for the music that brings the artists closer to the listener. This is craftsmanship, this is excellence, this is unique.

For the world class recording studios, now also for your home...
JMF Audio means over 30 years of experience in audio with references worldwide, servicing the most demanding professionals in terms of musical truth and listening comfort (see history). This knowhow has been developed and is now also at reach of the discerning audiophiles through the JMF Audio reference product line.
To discover it, audio enthusiasts and music lovers are welcome to visit the labs, the workshops, and to listen to a complete JMF Audio ensemble in our two large listening rooms, in France, on appointment.

No fashion...
The JMF Audio instruments for the music are off fashion and timeless. They are references for natural sounding and true music. Time goes by but quality remains. World class studios have trusted our 1988 products until now and still do not ask for a change. Few makes can pride of such a fact.

JMF Audio jewels of sound have been associated with other devices and other speakers at customers' places with great success. However a complete JMF Audio ensemble inspires serenity and becomes the dream for many music lovers. Those who own it are fulfilled.





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