PHS 7.3 and PHS 7.2, the highly anticipated phono preamplifiers, released June 2021.
> Product page

JMF Audio grants representation to new partners:
Germany, Austria and german speaking Switzerland to Ibex Audio  > Read the article
Spain, Canary Islands to No-Limits Audio / Assai Audio.
USA / Canada and other countries to be announced.

JMF Audio's representative in Hong Kong awarded for its leadership and dedication.
> Read report (available soon)

PCD 102, the alternative to the acclaimed PCD 302 power line conditioner, released March 2021.

PCD 102 evaluated at "The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts".
> Read report

Celebrating JMF Audios 35th anniversary.
Heritage, art, the evolution of the collection unveiled

Grammy Awards 2020 winner : "LUX", album recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 by 2L from Norway!  (Morten Lindberg also nominated as producer of the year)

> Read awards page

IHEAC Indonesia exhibition 2019.

Presentation of JMF Audio's state of the art analog solution. PHS 7.2 phono pre-amplifier's premiere in Asia.

> Read the article    (available soon) 


Development of the PHS 7.2 phono pre-amplifier,

representative of one of the largest vinyl collectors group in Europe visits JMF Audio.

> Read the article    (available soon) 

Musical summer. Meeting with the artists.   (liens bientt disponibles)

> Youn Sun Nah

> Marcus Miller, tribute to Miles Davis and signed disc

> Jazz at Ronnie Scott's, London

> L'orchestre de la BBC au Royal Albert Hall joue Berlioz, Londres


Audiotechnique Magazine, Hong Kong, August 2019.

The JMF Audio analog instruments, PRS 1.5 pre-amplifier and HQS 1050 amplifiers, presented for review by Audio Exotics.

> Read the article    (available soon) 


Munich Hifideluxe 2019, Germany, May 9-11.

JMF Audio's most complete ensemble ever, the largest listening room of Munich...

PHS 7.2 phono pre-amplifier's premiere.

> Read the article    (with JMF Audio's official follow up video) 

Patricia Barber and JMF Audio, a common point of view. 

An honor to discuss with the artist, a jazz icon.

> Read about

SIAS 2019 international audio show in Seoul   March 8-10 

JMF Audio's DMT 3.7 transport, DXC 2.2 MKII converter, PCD 302 power line conditioner to be presented by Sonoris.

> Read the report

Grammy Awards 2019, two more nominations for albums recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 by 2L!

> Read awards page

IHEAC audiophile show of Jakarta 2018    Nov. 28 - Dec. 2

Full JMF Audio analog and cables line in association with another prestigious brand.

> Read the report

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the JMF Audio's power amplification recognition.

Soundville Studios, Lucerne, Switzerland 

> Read the article

High Fidelity magazine (Poland)

Exclusive interview about Blu-ray Pure Audio and the DMT 3.7 transport 

> Read the interview    (NEW!  post of Particia Barber added October 1)

Hong Kong AV show 2018    August 10-12

Marvel Music to present JMF Audio in association with other brands equipment.

> Read the report

AE Super Hi-End Audio Seminar Hong Kong, July 7-8

Laurent Fusilier, co-owner of JMF Audio, will present a full JMF Audio ensemble in a dedicated room for the first time. An event by Audio Exotics and Audiotechnique magazine.

> Read the report    (NEW!  Show report added September 14)

High-end audio show Munich 2018, show report "Phenomenal, beautiful, natural, live music..."

New products versions, Blu-ray Pure Audio presentation...

> Read report

After numerous Awards from Paris to Los Angeles, film director Romain Fusilier finally presented his film "Catharsis" and new production "FAM" at JMF Audio. 

> Read more

Grammy Awards, nominations for albums recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 by 2L!

Jane Ira Blum's Blu-ray Pure Audio won a Grammy Award!

> Read more


Hong Kong showroom inauguration. Interview at the Audiotechnique magazine's headquarter.

> Read more

The PRS1.5 preamplifier acclaimed by New York based multi-platinum record producer after 30 years of quest.

The JMF Audio technology tackles absolute fidelity test...

> Read more

Musical summer. Meeting with the artists.

> Bob James (Fourplay) at the Blue Note of New York

> International Classical Music Festival of Colmar (A. Romanovsky, N. Lugansky)

> Madeleine Peyroux, Wolfi Jazz festival

Hong Kong Super High-End and HKAV 2017 with JMF Audio DMT3.7, DXC2.2 MKII, PCD302...

> Read more

Indonesian sales representative to visit JMF Audio,  "It is so nice I almost cried..."

> Read more

Hifideluxe 2017, High-End audio show in Munich, "The best, more spectacular, thrilling..."

> Read show report

Hifideluxe (Marriott), May 18-20  2017, High-End audio exhibition in Munich, Germany

JMF Audio to unveil the latest innovations, reference recordings, and more...

> Guide to the exhibition

JMF Audio about to open showroom in Hong Kong

> Read more

George Fracchia to distribute JMF Audio in Australia
"Absolutely stunning! Fantastic presentation of music. This is the sound we all dream of...". 

> Read more

JMF Audio complete system of the world. Dream of black...

> Read more

Jazz in Paris. JMF Audio to meet the artists in Paris...

> Read more

JMF Audio successfully presented at the 5th IHEAC show in Indonesia by sales representative Audio Jaya

> Read more

The first Blu-ray Pure Audio disc produced with JMF Audio's technology,

Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories, by 23 times American Grammy Awards nominated engineer Morten Lindberg of Norwegain label 2L.

> Read more

Audio Exotics, highly respected distributor of extreme audio components in Hong Kong, officializes the representation of JMF Audio.

> Read more

Kyle Eastwood's band headlining the 20th Jazz Festival of Colmar.

JMF Audio to meet the great bass player and composer and attend the live performance of an incredible band of talented musicians.      

> Read more

International Music Festival of Colmar 2016.
JMF Audio to meet legendary pianist Grigory Sokolov and virtuosos Renaud and Gautier Capuon (with the National Philharmonic of Russia conducted by Vladimir Spivakov)     

> Read more

JMF Audio and the Blu-ray Pure Audio leaders meet at the 140th AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention       > Read the report

"The most natural sound of Munich..." at Hifideluxe, Marriott Hotel      > See report  



May 5 -7  2016, JMF Audio to present in Munich, Hifideluxe at the Marriott Hotel   


It is with renewed pleasure that we will share music with you.     > See guide  

Miscendo Studios Paris presented in Pro Sound magazine. 

The Miscendo Studios are equipped with JMF Audio HQS 9001 power amplifiers, PC3 power cords, SR8 speaker cables, custom monitors (20Hz); which make it one of the largest and finest standalone monitoring in operation in the world.        > Read more  

Guqin virtuoso Chen Leiji's latest CD produced using JMF Audio equipment was awarded at the IFPI Hong Kong for the best selling classical record in 2015. 

It was also the first disc to take advantage of the HQII technology for CDs.      > Read more  

JMF Audio on Indonesian Audio Video magazine cover. 

The Asian audiophiles and music lovers enthusiasm for JMF Audio has motivated the publishing of numerous pages of presentation, spread over several months.   > Read more  

58th Grammy Awards, three nominations for 2L with releases on Blu-ray Pure Audio discs!

Magnificat and Spes are the discs that always get played in the JMF Audio studios when the time comes for presenting Blu-ray Pure Audio discs (24bit/192kHz, no picture).  > Read more

Lindberg Lyd AS studios owned by multi Grammy Awards nominee Morten Lindberg (2L) to integrate the JMF Audio PCD302 and PC3 power line conditioning products in their recording unit, based on objective measurements.

We look forward to the next SACD and Blu-ray Pure Audio discs releases.   > Read more 

The DMT3.7 transport player serial number 001 finds its place at the summit

A 30 year history, a unique approach, a universal musicality.  > Read the report

Presentation of the DMT3.7 transport/streamer to the privileged first owners

Friendly discussions among passionate JMF Audio customers, musical delights, it was a wonderful day in good company.  > Read the report

JMF Audio HPM1000 speaker system presented in Audio Art's book "All about loudspeakers"

Audio Art Magazine's editor in chief Mr. Jack Liu, Taiwan, published a book about the remarkable speakers of the world and the brands histories. We are thankful for the presentation of JMF Audio.

Best sound of Munich...


You were numerous to congratulate us in such terms. 

Thank you very much.     > Read the report      [July: visitors comments added]

May 14-16 2015, JMF Audio to present in Munich, Marriott Hotel   


30 th anniversary

10 years of intensive research and development
  1 st presentation of the total masterpiece                > See guide  

December 2014:

N. Stawski, one of the most demanded sound engineer in France, creates his own recording studio and trusts JMF Audio. (HQS9001, SR8, PC3, custom monitors and integration) "The listening is of an incredible precision. The image is superb and the results translate absolutely well to the outside world [...] It must be lived to be believed"

September 2014:

David Blecher, pioneer hi-end audio equipment seller in Paris, visited JMF Audio: "I had never heard such a result in all my career. Absolutely remarkable. My favorite." > read

The Architekt of Sound (AOS), sound engineer Philippe Tessier-du-Cros and friends' HD musical productions presented to JMF Audio. 

August 2014:

The JMF Audio universal transport CD/SACD/Bluray/LAN (audio/video) under development

July 2014:

"Visit at JMF Audio" article from J-M. Villafranca, Switzerland, for Audiophile Magazine.

The DXC 6.10 version MKII converter now operating in our multichannel room.

June 2014:

HQS9001 power amplifiers now available with a new machined aluminum chassis.

HQS power amplifiers to receive third generation amplification boards.

PC3 power cord and PCD302 power line conditioner evolutions.

February 2014:

CM8, the new JMF Audio reference modulation cable.

October 2013:

JMF Audio releases the PCD302 dual-mono mains power line filter and distributor.

JMF Audio's next reference modulation cable to be released.

Web site being redesigned, new photos, new speakers section

April 2013:

JMF Audio's product range to be showcased at Shanghai Hi-End show through importer FSHIFI.

JMF Audio's web site being rehandled: better display, new photos, new pages on cables.

March 2013:

MBR1, the high quality remote control for the JMF Audio line. 

November 2012:

First Row LLC. to present a complete JMF Audio system at the first Hi-End show Moscow, November 2 to 4.

September 2012:

New DXC2.2 MKII universal DAC, designed to be a timeless jewel.

New PC3 power cord, for a sweeter and higher resolution sound.

April 2012:

Mr. Berkutov (Studio First Row) invests in JMF Audio

HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2 MKII, SR8, CM4B, PC2C   "the sound is a miracle". 

Show room to open in Moscow, Russia, next summer. 

February 2012:

JMF Audio partners with CNRS researcher in digital signal processing R&D

October 2011:

New HQS1050 mono power amplifier (100W/8ohms), same chassis as PRS1.5 preamplifier.

Rev. C for PC2 power cord, still increased sweetness and definition in sound.

July 2011:

JMF Audio to attend Hong Kong Audio show August 5th-7th through ET Audio Ltd.

JMF Audio about to open a show room in China (Guangzhou) at Fusheng Audio.

June 2011:

Rev. B for CM4 modulation cable. Always to the most natural sound stage and sound homogeneity.


March 2011:

The long awaited PRS1.5 reference preamplifier is now out. Demos possible in our studio B.

JMF Audio studio A is now running HD with Bluray Discs in new JMF Audio designed room acoustics.

December 2010:

Rev. B for DXC2.2 D/A converter. (digital and analog sections revision)

Rev. D for HQS6002, HQS7001 and HQS9001 power amplifiers.

JMF Audio studio A dismantled to receive new JMF Audio acoustic design similar to studio B

April 2010:

DP2 the JMF Audio AES-EBU link is available. Outperforming all audiophile references tested.

February 2010:

JMF Audio opens new large audio room B with permanent HPM500 and HPM400 based systems. This new room also demonstrates JMF Audio's advanced acoustic design, which concept can be transposed.

Large audio room A is now dedicated to the HPM1000 speakers. Photos here.

News archived before this period


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