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Munich High-End  -  Hifideluxe 2018  -  JMF Audio

"Phenomenal, beautiful, natural, live music… ". Again this year we selected a few words from the kind visitors' comments as title and introduction to this JMF Audio 2018 Munich show review. Being in the same room as the previous years, numerous visitors were seen heading straight for JMF Audio. To the long time audiophiles, musicians, sound engineers, editors, music lovers, we say thank you for your passion and quest for the best instruments to play and feel the music. We are thankful to the organization and to the increasing number of exhibitors for enlivening this event.

At Hifideluxe (Marriott Hotel), for the world renowned High-End Munich, the new JMF Audio 2018 collection was presented in the same black and white atmosphere. Results of over 33 years of research and development... From the disc drive mechanism to the woofer, with the same philosophy, for the music...


It was an honor to unveil exclusives for Munich 2018:

- Intensive research and developments have lead to new versions of the DAC, preamplifier, power amplifiers...

- Two albums recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 were nominated for the Grammy Awards last January...

- A press conference about the new Pure Audio Blu-ray format was held on Friday in our room...


The HPM500 loudspeakers with massive ash wood grain visible through the black finish.

New versions of the DXC 2.2 MII converter, PRS 1.5 preamplifier and HQS 9001 flagship mono amplifier were presented. Refining the references is a constant process at JMF Audio. It is about details that have taken years of research and development and countless hours of validation in JMF Audio's studios for the most natural rendering and emotional feeling of music. Our latest fundamental researches covering as diverse aspects as isolations, shieldings, grounding, EMI / RF / electrostatic energy rejection or AC and DC power supplies concepts found application... JMF Audio is proud to offer products that feature relevant and homogeneous designs from the cables (application in 2017) to the electronics (application in 2018). Thus we can only agree with the returning visitors praising that the best sound got even better this year.

JMF Audio products owners' satisfication gets total as they learn that thanks to the modular designs introduced in 2008, their equipment can be upgraded to take advantage of these advancements. An ever lasting pleasure of listening, renewed... 

This year's highlight at JMF Audio :  Pure Audio Blu-ray

The new audio-only high-definition disc format developed by the msm-studios of Munich in cooperation with label 2L (over 30 nominations for the Grammy Awards to date) and for which JMF Audio developed the DMT 3.7 transport, could not have been presented at a more suitable place. 

Chritoph Diekmann of Pure Audio Recordings holding the 2018 catalog, 

Stefan Bock of the msm-studios of Munich holding the new Blu-ray Pure Audio of Alessandro Quarta, 

Laurent Fusilier of JMF Audio holding the 2017 Grammy nominated Blu-ray Pure Audio of Ensemble96 produced by 2L using JMF Audio PCD 302. 


Pure Audio Blu-ray: German standardized concept, Norwegian leading productions, French first optimized player.


Christoph Diekmann of Pure Audio Recordings, pointed out the interests for record companies in a new physical media for high definition audio. Stefan Bock of the msm-studios of Munich, explained the Blu-ray Pure Audio package concept that includes a CD for versatility and the mShuttle technology that allows access to files such as 96kHz / 24 bit FLAC, MP3, MQA, residing on the disc (guaranteed source, no internet download). At last Laurent Fusilier of JMF Audio explained the motivations from the audiophile's perspective (the pleasure of holding a disc, browsing a collection, getting the artwork signed by the artists...) and the inherent potential of spinning discs on which samples are EFM encoded as opposed to the direct clock paced computers/servers. An unprecedented point of view on jitter considerations... (See updated DMT 3.7 page).  

Never revealed before: views of manufacturing steps of the DMT 3.7 disc transports in the JMF Audio workshops were screened. For the first time, people were able to see BDPM1 machined pecision optical mechanisms being finalized, the cone-ball decoupling feet being mounted, the carbon fiber disc clamp being machined, chassis being fitted with the exclusive MCLK3 signal processing and clocking boards, all printed circuit boards' components mounted and soldered by hand...

Finally the proof by listening. Two albums were selected, a major audiophile jazz reference and the latest 2L release.

- Patricia Barber "Modern cool" CD (1998 Grammy Award) vs Blu-ray Pure Audio version (2012 Grammy Award)

- Jan Gunnar Hoff "Polarity" SACD vs Blu-ray Pure Audio, jazz trio recorded in a church, purist techniques, 2018.

The audience was amazed. Although the CD or SACD versions already sounded excellent, the Blu-ray versions were just mesmerizing. A few seconds were enough to be charmed... Subtlety, nuances, air, ease, ambiance, endless notes...

Regarding the Patricia Barber album, both versions were made from the analog master tapes. Of course the CD was produced with the analog to digital converters available at the time of release whereas the Blu-ray was a modern transfer. With the Jan Gunnar Hoff album, it was the absolute same extreme definition digital source, the DXD master. In all cases, Blu-ray wins! 

Over 300 Pure Audio Blu-ray discs have been released to date, with multiple Grammy Awards for labels, producers and artists. (See our links to Pure Audio Blu-ray)

Several summarized presentations were later made to audiophiles and journalists who could not attend the first. Following the demand, a video of the original presentation will possibly be made available soon.


Patricia Barber: the reference CD, the Blu-ray version. 

Comparisons lead with the DMT 3.7 for the first time at Hifideluxe. 

The "Pure Audio" package: a Blu-ray disc with 192/96kHz audio, plus a CD or SA-CD for versatility, a superb booklet, easy access to FLAC, MP3 file versions residing on the disc. What else?

Of course, during the show many types of musics, of all periods, on different formats were played to enlighten the desirable ability of the JMF Audio products to offer genuine and universal listening with Grandeur. Recordings ranging from 1964 Dave Bruebeck Quartet "Live at Carnagie Hall, New York" (regular CD, original release), to the epic Ensemble 96 "So is My Love" (2017, Blu-ray Pure Audio, recorded with JMF Audio PCD302 by Norwegian label 2L, Grammy Nominated album), a summit both in composition, interpreting, emotion and technique... We had to celebrate the 2017 Grammy Award winner jazz: Jane Ira Bloom "Early Americans" (Blu-ray Pure Audio) produced by famous engineer Jim Anderson. It was a pleasure to introduce the audience to the breath-taking "HD Audio trip" teaser of French label Architekt of Sound and to discoveries such as the surprising intense and dynamic interpretations of Astor Piazzola's classics by Italian violonist Alessandro Quarta for Living Immersive (Blu-ray exclusive German production) and the delightful jazz of Jan Gunnar Hoff in trio with friends on "Polarity", the most recent album recorded with JMF Audio equipment, released on Blu-ray Pure Audio as well. The composition "The Elder" was one of our favorites this year. People always closed their eyes and we played it until the end. Needless to say it was a surprise and a pleasure when a Norwegian journalist entered the room and said "So nice to hear music from a friend of mine in this room". 

As filmed and posted by American reviewer Peter Breuninger in our room last year, the outstanding live performance of Italian duet Musica Nuda, cover of french singer Jacques Brel, was requested by the audience. People surely wanted to experience for themselves. "This is incredibly live as if we were with the musicians.", said one of the JMF Audio partners' from Indonesia as we were beginning the first day of show.

Two notable challenges were presented to JMF Audio this year: 

A person, serious and visibly focused, insisted for his CD to be played. We heard a female voice on blues music. The voice was seducing and the music was good. It turns out this visitor was a musician and occasional producer. The singer actually was his wife. This gentleman, a returning visitor from the past years, wanted to listen on the JMF Audio system as the absolute truth test for the quality of mixing for his album. This is a compliment that touches us. His comments are listed below.

Entering the room with some attitude, accompanied by a group a sales persons, a tall man ordered us to play his CD, to play it loud, and bet it would blow our speakers away... This statement obviously made quite a few visitors run away. After making sure the door was shut, of course the challenge was taken up, loud. It was electro music. The woofers were not even seen moving. Music was pleasing to listen to because the amplifiers and speakers still played in the linear zone, without intermodulation. And the linearity is extreme with JMF Audio solutions, from silence to maximum sound pressure. We just wonder how many other exhibitors were challenged... Before leaving our challenger revealed he was a famous cables manufacturer. Part of his comments are listed below.    

JMF Audio's Indonesian representatives with clients honored us with their visit.

As they walked out of the room, quite a few visitors asked whether the electronics were tube design. Others felt that the music sounded like we played analog master tapes. We take these words as compliments. JMF Audio has been renowned for developing the most natural sounding electronics since 1985, solid state and precise... (see history section)  

JMF Audio is certainly the only company to present an absolute complete ensemble including mains conditioning. It has been a several decade journey. The completion is our gift to our clients. To those who have always pushed us to develop our technologies and explore new areas. The sound engineers and audiophiles who wanted the best everywhere. First, only power amplifiers were available, then cables, later the DAC... Most of the clients followed the JMF Audio evolution as they were fulfilled with the products. We are thankful. 

Music lovers have always entered the JMF Audio family by acquiring a single product, inserted it in their current setup and enjoyed the musical benefit. Now that JMF Audio proposes all elements, a dream has been made reality...

The listening conditions at the show were of course unsuitable for evaluating the full potential, the micro details and being fully immersed in the artistic. Music lovers are invited to contact us or our sales representatives for an appointment to listen in calm. Please refer to the contact page.  

Many thanks. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


In order to best serve the increasing number of audiophiles looking for mature and natural sounding elements, JMF Audio is in search for trustful sales representatives, including in Europe. 

Presentation of the new versions of the DXC 2.2 MKII 768kHz converter, PRS1.5 preamplifier, HQS9001 mono amplifiers, as well as MBR1 remote control and the PCD302 innovative power line conditioner. 

The already legendary DMT 3.7 multiformat transport and the state of the art BDPM1 optical mechanism were subject to many inquiries and photos. 


Laurent and Arnaud Fusilier with J.M. D.Mendoza of Hifi-live magazine Spain 

Laurent and Arnaud Fusilier with executive-editor and general-manager of Audiotechnique magazine Hong Kong


Mr. Сергей Поликов from Russia contemplating the JMF Audio components. 

The video interview by Mr. Сергей Поликов.

Some of the comments:

"Too good to be true... You are somewhere outthere, over the top... The Magnificat [Kim Andre Arnesen, 2L, Blu-ray Pure Audio] made me cry. It is the only system that can do that. It is the biggest compliment I can give"

German visitor

"It has always been very good. And this year it is much better, beautiful!"

Uwe Kirbach. editor in chief, Image-Hifi, Germany. 

"Please play this CD. It is my wife singing." [very nice performance] "We hired a recording studio in Belgium, I played the guitar and mixed the album. I have played the disc on many systems, even here at Hifideluxe. None actually could tell me about the actual sound and integration of the bass guitar and other things. I knew only the JMF Audio ensemble could reveal the truth. And yes, the rendering here confirms what I suspected. Now I am sure about what I have to adjust in the studio. I'll send you an email when the disc is finalized."

German musician and occasional producer  

"Last year I took a photo of all the discs you played... I'll do the same this year. The best music played at the show. The best technique too."

German visitor

"Wonderful sound with every musical genre"

Luca D.N. Italy, who kindly left a written comment

Visitor: "Play this music. It is hard. It will fuck your speakers! Play loud!"

Then we shut the door, made new visitors wait in the corridor. We played loud (and could have played louder).

Visitor: "Alright... very good... [...] Thank you far daring... You make good cables by the way" 

This visitor actually was a famous European cables manufacturer who came with sales representatives.

It was electro music. The woofers were not even seen moving. Music was pleasing to listen to because the amplifiers and speakers still played in the linear zone. And the linearity is extreme with JMF Audio solutions, from silence to maximum sound pressure. We just wonder how many other exhibitors were challenged... 

"Can you play my disc?"  "It sounds perfect... Nothing else to say..."

A visitor from France, already owner of JMF Audio power amplifier and cables.

"In my opinion, the only system that can compete with JMF Audio's sound is at the MOC, but it is worth 1 million €..."

From a french visitor. Similar comments have been heard this year and the past years.

"It was a big pleasure this year and surely will it be next year"

Markus T., Germany (who spent one hour or more in our room...)

"Every year JMF Audio is a highlight for me. The best sound in the area. It comes from the heart. I am a big fan."

Thomas F. Germany, professional


Jose Manuel Delgado Mendoza, Hifi Live Magazine, Spain

"I have read about JMF Audio many times. I travelled all over for this listening. I could not miss the event this year" 

Canada, former high-end audio equipment company owner  

"The best sound at Hifideluxe, by far. Wonderful. And I am picky. Right tone, no electronic sound, no horn sound, just natural." 

Don. K., USA, professional  

"The only system under control" 

S.D. Pakistan, professional

"Great sound. I come every year. Always better. The first room I visit here is JMF Audio" 

Comment from a group of German visitor. A similar comment was made by a group of returning Italian visitors 

"Definitely one of the two best systems in all Munich" 

Visitor who wanted to remain anonymous.

"Here it is Champagne! [...] "

L. Cheng. executive editor, Audiotechnique Hong Kong magazine  

"You should let people know the show conditions prevent them from hearing the very subtle details that make so much difference... Say that it is even better in my home and in your showroom..."


Antonio. M., Luxembourg, owner of a JMF Audio ensemble, with the first DMT 3.7 transport (serial number 001), who had the privilege to be introduced to Stefan Bock of the msm-studios, the designer of the Pure Audio disc concept including mShuttle technology. Photo here.

"It was very nice meeting you. I am very proud of owning your products. [I love]"

Comments and photo courtesy of Mr. S.W., Indonesia

Currently owner of JMF Audio mono power amplifiers, preamplifier, power line conditioner, and full cable set associated with source and speakers from renowned brands.


More comments will be added as they are received.


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