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Munich High-End  -  Hifideluxe 2015  -  JMF Audio


"Best sound of Munich..." "and by far". You were numerous to congratulate us in such terms. Some music lovers applauded, some used strong words to express their surprise and satisfaction. Thank you very much.

JMF Audio presented a full system for the first time at Hifideluxe, Marriott Hotel, during the high-end audio week which regroups the most prestigious products in the world on two different sites.

JMF Audio is the only manufacturer to master audio from the disc drive to the woofers; to cables, mains conditioning, acoustics… It was the first time for audio enthusiasts to be able to compare in the same listening environment.

We played classical, jazz, blues, rock ; recordings ranging from 1963 with the Dave Brubeck quartet live in New York City on CD to the most recent Magnificat - Nidarosdomens Jentekor & TrondheimSolistene produced by 2L in Norway on stereo Bluray Pure Audio disc. The returning visitors were therefore able to appreciate the great universality of the system which our philosophy of high precision allows.

At times many visitors were in the room. We had to add seats on the sides and some people stood up at the back of the room. We are sorry for these inappropriate listening positions for stereo. We apologize and invite music lovers to contact us for an appointment to listen in calm in our two studios, next to Germany, located in a cultural and touristic area. Please refer to the contact page.

Our special thanks go to our clients who have followed and trusted us for the quality, only.

We also wish to thank the Bluray Pure Audio community, especially the MSM Studios of Germany, the labels 2L of Norway and Sono Luminus of the USA.

See you soon.

[Edit 07/07/215] At the bottom of this page are a few comments we received the following week.


DMT3.7 transport CD/SACD/Bluray/Network

World first Bluray player optimized for Pure Audio!


World first machined Bluray optical mechanism!

World most powerful magnet core and most light weight moving parts for a woofer!

Electronics and cables display

Aluminum finishes


JMF Audio system, walnut finishes

With our chinese representative

Excellent music is international...


A few comments:

"Another important mention and Gold Show Award winner is a French company called JMF Audio. They managed to put together a room with a huge soundstage and perfectly integrated sound. Check out the video folks, there is something to learn about JMF Audio." (web site)

"Well worth watching. JMF Audio, outstanding!" (twitter)

Peter Breuninger, reviewer, USA


"We were among those who appreciated the qualities of your system very much. We wrote about it in our site (unfortunately only in Greek for the moment)." Extract: "Very nice music on all aspects, one of the best sounds of the shows. We haven't found any weakness. We went out of the room with a deep respect for JMF Audio."

Yiorgos Chatzakos, Hiendnews, Greece

"I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation of live sound in Munich at hifideluxe. As you probably noticed, I visited your room three times, because the sound was exceptionally good, which is not the case with high end producers very often."

P.K., dealer, Estonia

"Emotion, smoothness, finesse, lots of music! [...] Despite some resonance in the room, the ability to convey emotion was so high that it was hard for us to leave."

Hifi Live Magazine, Spain

"It was a pleasure to listen to your system. I had not previously auditioned any of your products and although I was aware of your brand, I was not expecting the level of sound quality you had at the Marriott.
I have used many well-known high end amplifiers (including: Boulder, Dartzeel, Lamm, Ypsilon, Spectral, etc.) and the sensation I get is that your amplification is one step ahead (or more!) than the rest. Congratulations on your marvelous products"

C.O., importer/dealer, Europe

"Discovery and first listening of JMF Audio, a French brand that designs and manufactures loudspeakers, cables, electronics with a special notice for the DMT3.7: a transport that can read everything: CD, SACD, Blu-ray and also supports streaming. A bright, vertiginous and superb listening session."

Michel Aublanc, La République du Son magazine, France

"Density of the message, impact and swiftness, microdynamics are here at the highest level [...]. Playback from SACDs and Bluray Pure Audio discs were opposed to CDs with a greater fluidity. Overall a whole of details, very natural as JMF Audio knows to do.  

A listening at the summit that I personaly rank as one of the all bests of these exhibitions.

Those who were seduced by this presentation shall visit JMF Audio in France to clear up their last doubts about the excellence of this brand."

J-M. Villafranca, Switzerland, Audiophile-Magazine



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