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Pioneer in electronics, Jean-Marie Fusilier founded his company in 1974. It specialized in high frequency and infra red remote control systems for critical industrial and defense applications. The audio department was created in 1985, as a side project driven by the passion for higher fidelity music playback. At that time Jean-Marie Fusilier who had significant experience in tube amplifiers design, developed ultra linear audio solid state power amplifiers with an unprecedented approach : high voltage rails for greater headroom, high current enabled outputs for the best control of the speakers, selected and matched transistors for linearity, selection of high purity materials to carry the signal, ultra short path circuit design, direct coupling, enormous internal energy reserve for best transient response, made to measure passive components by specialists in aerospace and defense, use of techniques and components normally intended for telecom and radar systems... to serve the music.


At a presentation in Germany in 1988, these innovative power amplifiers caught the attention of René Zingg, the passionate sound engineer and owner of the newly built Soundville studios in Lucerne, the first world-class recording studio in Switzerland.

René Zingg asked for the evaluation of the JMF Audio power amplifiers technology for the control room (the isolated room in which the sound engineer and the producer evaluate the technical choices and monitor the overall sound result). A stereo amplifier was compared to the already installed famed Swiss mono blocks. René Zingg was so amazed by the natural sound that Tom Hidley, the American designer of the studio, was advised to come and listen. Tom Hidley approved but challenged Jean-Marie Fusilier to build a power amplifier with 3dB more level. This meant twice the output power! The technology did not allow it a such, but of course the challenge was taken up. 

Masterfonics, Nashville, USA, the music city, 1989. The greatest studio complex of Nashville (recording/mixing/mastering operating 24h a day), designed by Tom Hidley and standing as his reference, was the place where critical measurements and sound evaluations of the new JMF Audio purpose made HQS3200 mono amplifiers had to take place. Comparisons with the installed trusted Swiss made mono blocks were carried on by the highly focused engineers. Measurements first: No phase shift... The engineers were used to measuring a significant delay between the input and the output in high frequency, even on reference power amplifiers. They checked the measurement instruments again, but Jean-Marie Fusilier informed them this was normal... The noise floor was the lowest... normal again. Then other engineers evaluated the sound. They spent all night placing tapes on the reel-to-reel desk, replaying and listening to their previous productions... On the next morning the faces were marked by hours of questioning. The JMF Audio power amplifiers sounded more transparent, more natural, more accurate with undistorted bass. Jean Marie Fusilier's creation was simply faithful. An engineer said: "if we had used these power amplifiers, we wouldn't have mixed the way we did...". This conclusion resonated in the studios world where engineers put great confidence in the monitoring system...  

The studios owner, mastering engineer and Grammy Awards winner Glenn Meadows instantly purchased two pairs of JMF Audio mono power amplifiers. The reputation of the studio had to be preserved.

(amazingly, chocolates from Switzerland arrived at the studio during the evaluations...)

Starting from the results in Nashville, Tom Hidley, the most influential and respected recording studios designer in the world, has advised JMF Audio power amplifiers which ideally complemented his unique approach to simple path, neutral and faithful sound monitoring. 


The distribution of the JMF Audio power amplifiers to audiophiles was made from Japan, with fantastic feedbacks from connoisseurs. 


Being highly successful with the other industrial and defense activities of his company, Jean-Marie Fusilier did not feel necessary to further develop JMF Audio commercially at that time.


Immersed in audio and music from a very young age, Jean-Marie Fusilier's sons Laurent and Arnaud, both graduated in science from regarded universities with experience and partners in laboratories, joined JMF Audio in the early 2000's. 


Extraordinary elements were developed, to cover all aspects of audio:

2003, the world first digital to analog converter operating at 768kHz, more than 16 times the CD standard... (still unrivaled to date, not even mentionning the sound quality...)

2005, patent for our psychoacoustically based DSP cross-over.

2007, development of the HPM1000 loudspeaker system. Development of a woofer, possibly the most powerful and light weight moving parts for a 16" transducer.

2009, first HPM passive speaker with HPX linear cross-over.

2010, invention of the CSV pure analog precision volume control for the PRS1.5 preamplifier.

2013, invention of the PCD302 power line conditioner concept with its independent cells.

2015, always ahead, JMF Audio presented the DMT3.7 disc transport featuring the proprietary BDPM1 machined multi format CD / SACD / Blu-ray optical mechanism. The Blu-ray playback being optimized for Pure Audio, the new high definition audio-only disc (patent). This was an absolute breakthrough...  


Although it was not exactly planned, JMF Audio has become the only manufacturer in the world to master audio from the disc mechanism to the woofer, through mains conditioning, interconnects, analog and digital... Each element being a recognized jewel of sound... 

This wonderful journey has been possible thanks to our clients, the music lovers, the sound engineers who always ask for more and have challenged us to explore new areas. 


No advertisement, only quality. Connoisseurs knew where to get the best.  


For the 30th anniversary, JMF Audio unveiled the complete masterpiece to the world at the Munich's High-End audio exhibition (Hifideluxe), the most regarded of its kind. It was a surprise. The visitors were amazed, the feedbacks were excellent and naturally JMF Audio received the "Best Sound Award". Renewed the next years... 



Lindberg Lyd (2L), Norway, 2016 (classical music and jazz). With over 28 nominations to that date for the Grammy Awards with respect to the excellence of his work, the producer and owner Morten Lindberg integrated JMF Audio's PCD302 mains conditioner and power cords to supply the recording equipment in the pursuit for the most natural sounding albums. 

And the story continues! Stories of Jan Gunnar Hoff was the first Blu-ray Pure Audio album ever recorded using JMF Audio's technology. This time the contribution of JMF Audio on the sound was direct and engraved on the disc, for the enjoyment of all music lovers on all systems (hybrid SACD also included). The audiophiles are to expect new reference recordings...  




JMF Audio, a make, a knowhow that can equally fulfill the studios and the audiophiles. Without a doubt, because all music lovers value musical beauty...



> The approach of the designers

> Heritage, the recording studios, Tom Hidley

> The Blu-ray Pure Audio Excellence

> Munich High-End, 1985-2015, 30th anniversary

> First Blu-ray Pure Audio produced with JMF Audio equipment

> 30th anniversary of the power amplifiers' technology recognition      



Jean-Marie Fusilier studied an innovative power amplification technology



 First HQS power amplifier


The HQS power amplifiers are produced by Jean-Marie's brother, 

already designer of custom consoles for studio, broadcast and stage



The HQS power amplification technology is compared to the trusted reference mono amplifiers of Soundville, a Tom Hidley designed studio in Lucerne, Switzerland.


More details about Tom Hidley, the equipped studios, and links to literature can be found in the Heritage section. 


First Nashville (USA) studio equiped with the HQS3200UPM power amplifiers on the main monitors


The HQS power amplifiers are available in different finishes and equip more and more top studios around the world



JMF Audio built its own control room in a new building

New HQS power amplifier series exclusively sold to professionals


First psychoacoustic based DSP cross-over (patent)


First 100% JMF Audio 16" woofer

Development of the HPM1000 great loudspeaker driven by DXC6.10.

New HQS power amplifier series 


BDPM1 world first machined optical discs mechanism for 

CD / SA-CD / Blu-ray Pure Audio


> About the DMT3.7 player



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