58th Grammy Awards, three nominations for 2L with releases on Blu-ray Pure Audio !



Three nominations for the 58th Grammy Awards for 2L (classical music), sound engineer Morten Lindberg. This is a major international recognition for an event organized by The Recording Academy in Los Angeles. The productions are available on SACD and Pure Audio Blu-ray discs. 

Magnificat and Spes are the discs that always get played in the JMF Audio studios when the time comes for presenting Blu-ray Pure Audio Recordings (24bit / 192kHz, no picture) to our visitors and returning clients. We are thankful to Morten Lindberg for producing such great works.

The 2L Norwegian classical music record label and studio was pioneer in Bluray Pure Audio discs production, along with partner MSM studio group of Germany. JMF Audio in France developed the DMT3.7, the world's first ultra high-end player allowing Pure Audio Blu-ray discs to seduce the most descerning audiophiles*.


*The Blu-ray Pure Audio Recordings catalog counts over a hundred productions from major labels such as London Symphony Orchestra, Blue Note, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, Sony, Universal to name a few, and from pioneers such as 2L, Sono Luminus, Pure Audio Records, Area Entertainment. 
The DMT3.7 enables Pure Audio Blu-ray to reach the summit it deserves for its recognition from the audiophiles world. It also raises CD and SACD to an unsuspected upper level of perceived openness, sweetness and definition and makes the preconceptions on physical discs fall off. Of course the DMT3.7 offers full access to dematerialization as well and embeds the most regarded HD video processor for the enjoyment of a huge catalogue of filmed concerts.

2L's attached recording studios have decided to integrate the JMF Audio PCD302 and PC3 power line conditioning products in their recording unit.  > Read more


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