Soundville Studios, JMF Audio's power amplification recognition, 30th anniversary




René Zingg, passionate sound engineer and music lover, has been heading Soundville Studios, Lucerne, Switzerland, since 1980. A facility that later upgraded to a Tom Hidley designed recording studio. The passion for audio pushed René to evaluate the innovative JMF Audio power amplification technology. René was supposed to own the most neutral monitoring system, employing the most expensive power amplifiers (made in Switzerland). Then he realized that the French power amplifiers delivered a sound in the control room that was more faithful to the live music played by the musicians behind the glass wall...  Tom Hidley got contacted. Nashville would be the next step...  It was in 1988. 


JMF Audio's co-owner/engineer returned to the place where the brand got propelled onto the international scene.

Laurent Fusilier (JMF Audio) with René Zingg (Soundville) in the control room of Studio A, 

where the JMF Audio power amplification technology was evaluated 30 years ago...

Today's JMF Audio HQS 1050, HQS 6002, HQS 7001, HQS 9001 power amplifiers are still based on the same principles that made the legend. Some of the key components employed even remain the exact same. 

This 30th anniversary coincides with the Revision F of the present power amplifiers' line. An evolution in the details toward the natural, ample and faithful rendering, heart of JMF Audio. A statement, inherited from the highly acclaimed PRS 1.5 preamplifier Revision D, which made the audiophiles more enthusiasts than ever at the last Munich High-End Audio presentation. (see links at the bottom of the page)       


Nowadays including film capability, 

the greatest studio facility in Switzerland

Literally at the light of the famed A800 MKIII Studer analog recorder


In 1988, the Soundville Studios were a two-studio 48 track enabled facility, recording analog or digital with the famed Studer reel to reel desks. The studio has always been world-class, with equal services and equipment to the most regarded American giants. Always ahead, René reported that Soundville Studios were later the first client of the hard-drive based Pyramix production solutions. 



Beautiful Lucerne city, view of the famous Kapellbrücke, the medieval wooden bridge dating 1333


Morten Lindberg and 2L (Lindberg Lyd. Studios) in Norway, with over 30 nominations for the Grammy Awards, have used the same DAW (digital audio workstation) and powered the recording equipment through the PCD302 (one of the latest JMF Audio products) to produce state of the art Blu-ray Pure Audio discs. A format that reveals its full potential on the JMF Audio DMT 3.7 dream player...   Leaders meet...

JMF Audio, a make, a knowhow that can equally fulfill the studios and the audiophiles. Without a doubt, because music lovers value musical beauty...


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