Lindberg Lyd AS studios to record using JMF Audio PCD302 and PC3


January 19th, 2016.

JMF Audio is pleased to announce that Lindberg Lyd AS studios owned by multi Grammy Awards nominee Morten Lindberg (2L) have decided to integrate the JMF Audio PCD302 and PC3 power line conditioning products in their recording unit, for the sake of delivering the highest sound quality, obviously. 

View of the JMF Audio PCD302 in its custom flight case getting ready for venue recordings 


Norwegian sound engineer and producer Morten Lindberg decided to use the JMF Audio solutions after having measured significant noise reduction in the recordings and sensed softer sound through the monitoring.


Recording ambiance (silence) in a venue

Usual recording system (without PCD302):

Recording with JMF Audio PCD302 for powering the microphone preamplifiers, the analog to digital converters, the recording machines, the monitoring:

The amplitude vs frequency spectra of the recorded files show an over 10dB (3 times) improvement of the background level and a suppression of the artefacts due to radiations on the power line. This means that more ambiance, nuances and natural will be recorded and transcribed, for the best respect of the artists, for the enjoyment of the listener.

Although JMF Audio clients already know the great benefits on sound quality resulting in the use of the PCD302 and PC3 cords, these measures show that the effects are sensible on the recording side as well. 


Let's expect wonderful recordings and new audiophile references soon! 


Lindberg Lyd AS studios and 2L record label owner Morten Lindberg was nominated for the 58th Grammy Awards for three productions released on Pure Audio Blu-ray discs*. He has been nominated several times since 2006. 

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JMF Audio has been accustomed to delivering the best to the world class recording studios starting from Nashville's Masterfonics Studios in 1989 with custom mono power amplifiers for the main mix room.  

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2L was pioneer in Blu-ray Pure Audio productions (along with the MSM Studios of Germany).

JMF Audio was pioneer in Blu-ray Pure Audio discs playback with the DMT3.7 and DXC2.2.

The culture of excellence continues...



*Blu-ray Pure Audio discs can play on all consumer players, with superior definition than CDs. The JMF Audio DMT3.7 ultra high-end transport brings the highest credibility to Blu-ray Pure Audio for audiophiles.


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Grammy Awards 2018 :

For the first presentation of albums recorded with the PCD302, label 2L received four nominations for the 60th Grammy Awards !

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