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Since 1989 and adoption by Nashville (USA) studios and Tom Hidley (See the History of the brand in tab References), quite a few sound engineers and producers over the world have recorded, mixed or finalized albums using JMF Audio power amplifiers in the control room.

The JMF Audio power amplifiers have allowed passionate sound engineers to take faster, nuanced and more confident decisions with increased pleasure of listening and working.

Recently the JMF Audio mains conditioner, model PCD 302, has been employed to power the whole recording equipment; enabling the capture to become more faithful to the performance. The sound quality directly benefits. More music, ambiance and nuances are translated to disc, for the enjoyment of every music lover at the playback, on all setups.  

On this page we'll list the recent acclaims for recordings involving JMF Audio equipment on the signal path and/or released on Blu-ray Pure Audio discs.


Grammy Awards and nominations for recordings by 2L with JMF Audio equipment


Nidarosdomens jentekor & TrondheimSolistene "LUX"

Classical (choirs, vocals, saxophone, organ)

Blu-ray Pure Audio + SACD

Grammys Award 2020 WINNER!


Grammy Award for 2L, Morten Lindberg for album "LUX". Recording equipment powered with JMF Audio PCD 302.

Henning Sommerro "Ujamaa & The Iceberg"

Classical (orchestra, choirs, vocals, saxophone)

Blu-ray Pure Audio + SACD

Grammys 2019



Classical (choir)


Grammys 2019


Ensemble 96 "So if my love"

Classical (orchestra, organ, choir, fiddle)

Blu-ray Pure Audio + SACD

Grammys 2018

Stale Kleiberg "Mass for Modern Man"

Classical (orchestra, choir, vocals)

Blu-ray Pure Audio + SACD

Grammys 2018


For the first presentation of recordings made with the JMF Audio PCD302 power line conditioner, Norwegian label 2L received four nominations for the Grammy Awards for two albums : Ensemble 96 "So if my Love", Stale Kleiberg "Mass for Modern Man" (best mix engineer, best mastering engineer, producer of the year, best album). Moreover, these albums took advantage of the high definition Pure Audio Blu-ray format! 

Grammy Awards for Blu-ray Pure Audio discs, a format supported by JMF Audio


Blu-ray Pure Audio release from Jane Ira Bloom, Early Americans, produced by Jim Anderson (former president of the Audio Engineering Society) won a Grammy Award in 2018!

Some of the Blu-ray Pure Audio discs to have won a Grammy were Roger Waters, "Amused to death" (2016) the reissue of the jazz reference Patricia Barber, "Modern Cool" (2012). 

On the other hand, for Gregory Porter "Liquid Spirit", the Blu-ray Pure Audio release followed the Grammy Awarded CD version.



Jane Ira Blum's Early Americans, produced by Jim Anderson 

and released on Blu-ray Pure Audio, 

60th Grammy Award winner (2018).


The 60th Grammy Awards celebration was moved back to New York city. Three albums released on Blu-ray Pure Audio were nominated. Our congratulations go to Morten Lindberg, Jim Anderson, Jane Ira Bloom (co-producer), Darcy Proper (mastering) and to the artists...

Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories (2016) piano jazz, produced by over 30 times American Gammy Awards nominated engineer Morten Lindberg, was the first Pure Audio Blu-ray disc to have been recorded with JMF Audio's technology. 





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