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Playing the discs, clocking the bit streams...    Caring for the music... 

At JMF Audio we believe that browsing a disc collection, holding a real disc and looking at the booklet is an essential part of the pleasure of listening to one's favorite music. Like manipulating a book prepares to its reading, handling a disc and its package recalls memories and prepares to the listening experience.

When it comes to art, humans seem to be naturally attached to the object. When an artist releases an album, it always means a disc. A disc is certainly the best way for offering music we love to a person we love. And getting our favorite artists' signature on the booklet after their concert makes that disc become very special... 

For you the music lovers, the music collectors, for your numerous beloved CDs, your SACD rarities, your next exciting Blu-ray Pure Audio discs collection, JMF Audio designed and built the ultimate transport. From the idea to the actual release of the DMT 3.7, years of development were necessary...



Digital audio with the precision analog perspective, for the first time ever, for the most natural music. 




At the time of computer audio and networks, it would have made no sense to embark in the monumental work of developing a unique player without making sure spinning discs had the potential to outperform computer based files players. In the JMF Audio laboratories, optimized audiophile computers, mastering studio grade softwares, the most sought after CD transports and JMF Audio prototypes were evaluated... The best mastering studio solution definitely offered a faithful rendering. However a more lively presentation of music was noticeable from a real disc playback. Of course JMF Audio wanted both. Needless to say that the challenge was extremely high. 

How can a spinning disc sound better than a file from a computer?   It is a matter of analog parameters...

Digital relies on clocks, but clocks are analog components, dependent on numerous parameters, such as EMI... 

In the ideal dematerialized configuration, a computer or server is connected to a DAC in an asynchronous way, which means the DAC has a master clock and the computer is expected to be fully slave, sample by sample. The digital to analog conversion is therefore directly dependent on the DAC's clock. However no clock is perfect. Indeed, the sound is directly affected by the DAC's clock raw characteristics (and electromagnetic interferences from the computer and the environment). 

On an audio CD, the data are CIRC EFM encoded. Samples are splitted into symbols which are cross-interleaved and physically spread over the disc so that in case of a small scratch, correct data recovery is possible using a check sum. Interleaving on the disc also means there is no direct timing relation between successive samples. Utilizing this aspect combined with the proprietary MCLK3 clocking technique, JMF Audio has been able to obtain a convolution of clocks' characteristics that result in extremely low level spectral side bands with Gaussian shaped distribution. This defines a natural phenomenon. This is a unique approach to digital audio which partly explains the extraordinary natural sounding result with the DMT 3.7.


However, to absolutely take advantage of this particular aspect, many important issues such as mechanical induced vibration and noise had to be addressed. Total control over optical pickup, power supplies and EMI was also mandatory. 

After numerous vibration analysis and computer modelling based on JMF Audio's specific measurement methods, it became obvious that only an advanced and massive mechanical based machine would allow to reach the desired result, thus eliminating even the most sophisticated tray/moving loader mechanism solution. 

This has resulted in BDPM1, the world first Blu-ray enabled massive optical mechanism, machined with 1/100th mm precision, mounted in the middle of a multilayer thick composite decoupling base, being the chassis of the machine and resting on three purpose designed cone-ball feet hardened up to 1 Ton of pressure in JMF Audio's workshop to ensure maximum stability. The total mechanism weighting over 30kg...

Blu-ray disc spinning speed is very high. Silent operation and airflow control is ensured by an innovative decompression area located over the platter and linear all around the disc.

For maximum laser signal return pick up and optimized disc stability, a carbon clamp covering all the disc surface was developed. Each carbon disc clamp being machined and hand assembled in JMF Audio's workshop.

Optical pickup being sensitive to ambient light, a vibration free machined tilting cover closes and protects the disc compartment. Hydraulic aided opening an air-oil damped closing offers smooth oscillation of this 2kg massive part. The disc compartment cover being engraved with the JMF Audio logo as a sign which symbolizes a summit, as placed on top on the audiophile' rack.


DMT 3.7's main audio processing board including MCK3 clocking circuits


The compact disc CD introduced by Philips and Sony in the early 80's was already a high definition digital audio format, covering all the frequency range humans are able to perceive with a dynamic that can still exceed actual recording conditions. This obviously explains its fantastic success. The CD can be played without wear, cannot be erased. Music lovers own hundreds to thousands of such discs, all with their history. The CD is more than ever the standard for musical pieces collection. 


The Super Audio Compact Disc SA-CD proposed by Sony 20 years later offered a geater dynamic range and an improved impulse response, along with multichannel capabilities. It became the format of choice for audiophiles, with countless valuable releases from majors but especially from specialized labels.


Blu-ray, the latest disc format, was standardized for audio-only high-definition applications by the msm-studios of Germany as "Blu-ray Pure Audio". This is the format JMF Audio had been waiting for a long time: being able to play high definition audio without the fuss associated with computers. This triggered the development of the DMT 3.7 transport.



Blu-ray Pure Audio disc is the media we had been waiting for (uncompressed up to 192kHz/24bit)


DMT 3.7 is the universal transport you have been dreaming of.

Blu-ray Pure Audio discs usually contain several audio streams, such as stereo linear PCM 192kHz, DTS Master Audio, Dolby True HD multichannel... In order for Blu-ray Pure Audio discs to play seemlessly as regular CDs, JMF Audio developed an algorithm that automatically lists the available streams and selects the high definition stereo stream once the disc is loaded. Thus allowing screen-less operation, without pressing a special key... This function is enabled from the rear panel of the DMT 3.7 with button STREAM AUTO. (Patent pending). 

All Blu-ray control boards embed high speed video circuits. So as to allow the purest audio path, these video circuits would automatically be switched off when the user selects PURE AUDIO operation from the rear panel of the DMT 3.7. (Patent pending).


What result to expect?        CD  <  SA-CD  <  Blu-ray Pure Audio

One of the most extraordinary feeling with the DMT 3.7 transport, especially when combined with the DXC2.2-MKII DAC, is that it extracts so much unsuspected information, so much musicality from a regular CD that the pleasure of listening is tremendous whichever the type of disc... The music plays naturally. The rendering is ample, voluptuous, organic, articulated yet sweet... desirable.

Not only is the DMT 3.7 the ultimate audio disc transport, but it also offers broad dematerialization connectivity with USB (hard drives, thumb drives) and LAN (Ethernet network, NAS), supporting all file types : WAV, DSD, FLAC, AAC... Including TIDAL streaming service natively, all possibly controlled with a smartphone/tablet in Wifi... Dematerialization taking full advantage of the DMT 3.7's relevant isolation, audio processing and clocking. 

And one finally spends countless hours placing a disc after another, playing files and enjoy the music, the artists' performance, definitely forgetting about the technical aspects... 



Audio discs CD, SACD, Blu-ray Pure Audio
Video discs DVD, Blu-ray (regions B, 0 lives/concerts)
Files WAV, FLAC, AAC, DSD...
Decoding Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio stereo and multi-channel...
Network DLNA    (no need for a computer)   smartphone/tablet remote   (iOS and Android)
Streaming  TIDAL support native



Music on discs (CD, SACD, Blu-ray Audio) and dematerialized (external HDD, USB drive, network, streaming).


The Blu-ray Pure Audio discs made as easy to use as CDs (patent).    > download brochure


> JMF Audio signal processing and MCLK3 clocking, common to all sources. 
> Advanced and independent power supplies for disc drive, audio and media sections.

> PURE AUDIO or AUDIO-VIDEO operation (patent pending).

> AUTO STREAM or manual audio stream selection (patent pending).

> Outputs audio stereo SPDIF and AES-EBU, precision matched.

> Outputs audio multichannel over HDMI in PCM and DSD.

> Outputs video over HDMI (also gives access to discs menus and equipment setup).

> Easy control with the JMF Audio massive and ergonomic MBR1 remote.

> Advanced control with tablet/smartphone/computer (WIFI, DLNA).



Although modern HDMI input and outputs with PCM, DSD audio and HD video support are provided, the use of the precision AES-EBU (balanced) and S/PDIF (coaxial) digital output interfaces is recommended since these fully take advantage of the JMF Audio advanced audio processing. They also ensure compatibility with all previous and future DACs.

Blu-ray Pure Audio :  the guaranteed high definition, the ease of use... 


Blu-ray Pure Audio Excellence  (JMF Audio's hints and links related to the format)

Pure Audio Recordings  (reference web site for Pure Audio releases excepting DECCA, DG, Universal)

Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings  (beautiful discs packages with Blu-ray Pure Audio, Blu-ray video et CD)

London Symphony Orchestra releases Pure Audio Blu-ray discs  (LSO Live productions)

2L, the Norwegian record company produces Blu-ray Pure Audio discs  (multi Grammy Awards nominee)

DECCA, the famous classical music label goes Blu-ray Pure Audio

Deutsche Grammophon (classical)

>  Verve Records (blues, jazz)

Sono Luminus, first American label to produce Pure Audio Blu-ray discs (classical, jazz, folk, rock)

>  NAXOS (classical)

>  Blue Note (jazz)

>  MDG  (classical)

Living Immersive, IAN productions 

Universal Music High-Fidelity Pure Audio (classical, pop, rock)


Better than the studio master source !

Blu-ray Pure Audio is the first commercial media which can store music with equal or superior resolution to actual studio quality. The DMT 3.7, while absolutely accurate and faithful to the source, presents music with greatness and a feeling of naturalness which are lacking to file base systems, even to studio equipment. Incredible but real. You are priviledged. 

Blu-ray Pure Audio also means mShuttle :  source-safe portable and high-res files  !

As defined by the msm-studios and certified by the AES (Audio Engineering Society), "Blu-ray Pure Audio" means a package containing a Blu-ray disc and one or more CD / hybrid SA-CD, plus the ability to obtain the corresponding files in MP3, FLAC, MQA for use with your portable devices or in the car, thanks to the mShuttle technology. Just insert the Blu-ray disc and connect the DMT3.7 to your home network and safely access the files residing on the disc (no download from the internet). 


Blu-ray Pure Audio is high definition guaranteed, touchable and dematerialized. Right from the studios. Your beloved music anytime, everywhere and the very best at home with the JMF Audio DMT3.7.

> More information about mShuttle 



Bob James' and drumer Billy Kilson's CDs signed at the Blue Note of New York 2017    > Read report

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The JMF Audio front-end 

(DMT3.7 and DXC2.2 MKII DAC) is the only source in the world capable of playing all types of discs and converting all audio to 705/768kHz!


Presentation of the DMT3.7 to the privileged first owners  

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58th Grammy Awards, three nominations for 2L with releases on Blu-ray Pure Audio !

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The first Blu-ray Pure Audio disc produced with JMF Audio's technology,

Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories, by 23 times American Grammy Awards nominated engineer Morten Lindberg of Norwegain label 2L.

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JMF Audio and the Blu-ray Pure Audio leaders meet at the 140th AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention  > Read the report

Munich 2017, visit of the msm studios for Blu-ray Pure Audio 

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2018 Grammy Awards, nominations for albums recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 by 2L!

Jane Ira Blum's Blu-ray Pure Audio won a Grammy Award!

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High Fidelity magazine (Poland) 2018

Exclusive interview about the Blu-ray Pure Audio 

and the DMT 3.7 transport

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Owners' comments:

The JMF Audio DXC2.2 MKII has seduced music lovers from all areas. Whether these experienced audiophiles and sound engineers used to defend tube based designs or whether they used to trust famed brands in solid-state technology, they have found in the JMF Audio DAC the precision, timbres rightness, amplitude, greatness in the presentation of music.

We are thankful to the enthusiastic JMF Audio instruments-for-the-music owners for their feedbacks, comments and the wish for some of them to get the information published. 

However it has been decided to limit the comments on this page to just a few. Music enthusiasts are invited to discover and experience for themselves. JMF Audio would be pleased to guide and advise a representative.

Please refer to the Contact page and our Policy.



Mr. M.A., owner of the device serial number 001, followed the genesis that lasted 8 years:  

"So I am giving you a call as promised after a week of listening and experimentation at home. Where shall I start? Details!! Natural!! Although you got me prepared to the result with the numerous prototypes and demos over the years, I did not believe it was possible to get more from digital audio. Well, it is. I am so surprised with CDs already. I am only starting with SACDs and Blu-ray Pure Audio discs. The DMT3.7 is a pure marvel! And it looks and feels wonderful."  

"I have connected the DMT3.7 to my network [...]. It is very fine since some musics are only available through downloads and the files take advantage of the machine..."

8 years earlier: "Considering the sound quality of my JMF Audio DAC, I wish you plan to design a transport up to that level. If you do, I already place an order for the first unit." 



Mr. H.D., Also reel to reel addict and owner of a wonderful vinyl turntable. Ordered his DMT3.7 on camparison test with an early prototype: 

"The DMT 3.7 totally buries my previous CD transports." "Given the dematerialization features of the DMT3.7, I am thinking of abandoning my audio server."



Mr. C.M. previously owned an English made three unit source, then moved to JMF Audio DXC2.2-MKII with a reference CD transport, finaly adopted the DMT3.7 after a comparison test:

"I always found SACDs to sound noisy/confused in the top high, and not absolutely better than CDs [on other players]. With JMF Audio this is no longer a point. It is all about music, detailed, ample, full, as always. [...] After all these years as an audiophile, I was anticipating going toward dematerialization, well, you make me stick to discs... [...] Getting more familiar with Blu-ray Pure Audio discs, I consider they represent a real added value."



Mr. G.O., engineer in telecommunication, France 

2010: "dematerialization will outperform discs."   2016: purchased the DMT 3.7...



Audio Exotics, Hong-Kong, renowned distributor for vinyl playback solutions, (DMT3.7 / DXC2.2-MKII / DP5):

Before order: "How good can you make digital audio sound?" After reception: "It is extremely good!!" 

> Read article Audio Exotics officializes the distribution of JMF Audio's products



Marvel, Hong-Kong, post on the Audio Exotics forum:

"The JMF Audio DMT 3.7 is for sure a game changer [revolutionary product]. It hits the transport domain with a grand slam victory. [...] It drives me back to spinning CDs for the 5-6 hours without touching my vinyl systems and J-Remote for the CAS [audio server]. It changes my behavior my belief that CD transport was already sunsetting! I still have a lot more to explore about the 3.7 on its decoding capability, TIDAL streaming, etc. With my limited Internet bandwidth for music listening, I choose to indulge myself in playing back my CDs which have been left dusted for a while after ripping into CAS."



Mr. W.Ng., first owner of the DMT3.7 with DXC2.2-MKII combo in Hong-Kong (including DP5 AES-EBU cable) :

After reception:

"I must write to congratulate you guys for an amazing creation in the transport. Totally amazing. I now use it all the time from my array of other transports. Truly stunning." [...] "I can tell you your source [DMT 3.7 transport and DXC2.2-MKII DAC] is the best, by far. I now play many Blu-ray discs, it is now my most-used equipment."

After one year:

"Your drive drive remains an absolute joy in providing endless enjoyment."  (via e-mail)



Mr. G. Fracchia, distributor for very high-end equipment in Australia (including famed turn tables and servers).

After reception of the first JMF Audio products, the DMT3.7 and DP5-B AES-EBU cable:

"MAGNIFIQUE !! (in bold and in French) In every conceivable way. You are light years ahead of anything else !! Thank you so much. Speak very soon. Warmest regards."  via e-mail. 

> Read article JMF Audio to be represented in Australia


Mr. J.T., France, after reception of the DMT3.7 to connect to already trusted DXC2.2 MKII and DP5-B AES-EBU link:

"I am impressed. Much more information and air. It is not over-analytical or chirurgical, it is about more music, more ambiance, taking part to the performance." 



Mr. C. N., France, DMT3.7 with DXC2.2 MKII-D converter and DP5-B AES-EBU link:

"I am eagerly listening to the source that I have purchased from JMF Audio. The reading accuracy of the DMT 3.7 is fabulous, delivering incredible information that translates into details of inflections, texture, acoustic context, the voices are more human, the timbres of instruments more accurate, the attacks of notes are accurate on all the registers and especially the end of notes are richer.
All this gives a lot of realism, but with naturalness, without effects of hardness or excess of precision. I have no doubt that this is the player, but also its association with the DAC (DXC2.2 MKII-D) and DP5-B cable that are non-destructive of all these signals provided by the transport. The sound engineers will have to deliver the best and our ears to stay young...
"   (via e-mail, 1 month after reception of the instruments)


Mr. M. Ma. Hong Kong (2018)

"When I saw the DMT 3.7 for the first time, I felt that the design was very advanced and that it would sound wonderful. And it was the case." "I replaced [Swiss made] transport and DAC with a [Spanish made] set composed of streamer and DAC in three boxes". "Since I have owned the DMT 3.7, I have not been using the streamer anymore. Now I'm curious to try the DXC2.2 MKII converter." [...] "It sounds incredible, so dense, so natural, so musical..." A couple of days later, M. Ma confirmed purchase of the DXC2.2 MKII (Rev.D).


Mr. Marvel, Marvel Music, after the HKAV 2018 exhibition

"The JMF Audio's source outperfoms our previous [german made reference] SACD player by a wide margin". "You can quote my comment".  Show report:  > Read the report





Revisions history :


- Initial release. Software upgrade may be suggested.

JMF Audio products are designed to be references and to last. The base of these instruments is safe and modular. Upgrades are proposed for clients to take advantage of the results of our continuous research and development efforts, without the need for product change. It means "details", but details make the differences and can lead to the exceptional. The device revision (B, C, D...) is indicated by a silver badge located on the rear panel and is linked to the product serial number in JMF Audio's tracking files. 

> More information about our upgrade policy.





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