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Digital audio with the precision analog perspective, for the first time ever, for the most natural music

Always ahead, JMF Audio certainly released the ultimate transport, featuring the proprietary BDPM1 machined CD / SACD and Blu-ray enabled optical mechanism. The Blu-ray playback being optimized for Pure Audio, the new high definition audio-only disc (patent). The DMT3.7 also elevates CDs and SACDs to an unsuspected level of perceived high resolution and natural sound, well over dematerialization. 
Its network connectivity (NAS, USB) and the support of Tidal streaming also take advantage of the specifically developed advanced power supplies, clocking, signal processing, output interfaces and vibration control solutions. (patent application, several intellectual property registrations)

> World's first machined Bluray optical mechanism: JMF Audio BDPM1, a masterpiece
> World's first player to handle Bluray Pure Audio discs as CDs (no screen, no menu, no special key - patent)
> Unique vibration control concept (cone-ball feet, composite materials, aeronautic processes)
> MCLK3 proprietary clocking circuits with custom reference clocks 
> Hydraulic damped opening and closing or the disc compartment. Easy handling of disc. 

> Carbon fiber clamp and stabilizer covering all the disc. 

> Hand soldered audio printed circuit boards

> The sound...




The Blu-ray Pure Audio disc is the media we had been waiting for. 

DMT3.7 is the universal transport you have been dreaming of:


  Music on discs (CD, SACD, Blu-ray Audio) and dematerialized (external HDD, USB drive, network, streaming).


  The Blu-ray Pure Audio discs made as easy to use as CDs (patent).    > download brochure


  JMF Audio signal processing and MCLK3 clocking, common to all sources. 
  Advanced and independent power supplies for disc drive, audio and video.

  Two modes of operation: 'pure audio' and 'audio/video'  (patent application).

  Outputs audio stereo SPDIF and AES-EBU 192kHz, precision matched.

  Outputs audio multichannel over HDMI in PCM and DSD.

  Outputs video over HDMI in HD, upscaling to 4k.

  Easy control with the JMF Audio massive and ergonomic MBR1 remote.

  Advanced control with tablet/smartphone/computer (WIFI, DLNA).


Audio discs CD, SACD, Blu-ray Pure Audio
Video discs DVD, Blu-ray
Files WAV, FLAC, AAC, DSD...
Decoding Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio...
Network DLNA    (no need for a computer, no need for software to install)
Streaming  TIDAL support native


Blu-ray Pure Audio: the guaranteed high definition, the ease of use... 


Pure Audio Recordings  (reference web site for Pure Audio releases excepting DECCA, DG, Universal)

Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings  (beautiful discs packages with Blu-ray Pure Audio, Blu-ray video et CD)

London Symphony Orchestra releases Pure Audio Blu-ray discs  (LSO Live productions)

2L, the Norwegian record company produces Blu-ray Pure Audio discs  (multi Grammy Awards nominee)

DECCA, the famous classical music label goes Blu-ray Pure Audio

Deutsche Grammophon (classical)

>  Verve Records (blues, jazz)

Sono Luminus, first American label to produce Pure Audio Blu-ray discs (classical, jazz, folk, rock)

>  NAXOS (classical)

>  Blue Note (jazz)

Universal Music Bluray Pure Audio store (classical, pop, rock)

The Blu-ray Pure Audio standard

JMF Audio and MSM Studios, brochure for Hifideluxe Munich


...the music, because the DMT3.7 elevates discs well over dematerialization.

"A regular CD seems to contain a lot of information that were not made perceptible by previous players. When listening randomly to CDs, SACDs and Pure Audio Blu-ray discs through the DMT3.7 and DXC2.2 DAC, the beauty is such that sometimes one might wonder which actually was the high resolution source... The DMT3.7 handles dematerialization as well and outperforms dedicated servers, but with discs the listener finally becomes transported..." 

More information about the DMT3.7 soon... In the mean time, please read the clients' comments at the bottom of this page and contact us. 



The JMF Audio front-end 

(DMT3.7 and DXC2.2 MKII DAC) is the only source in the world capable of playing all types of discs and converting all audio to 705/768kHz!


Presentation of the DMT3.7 to the privileged first owners  

> read the report


58th Grammy Awards, three nominations for 2L with releases on Blu-ray Pure Audio !

> Read the report


Clients' comments:


Mr. M.A., owner of the device serial number 001, followed the genesis that lasted 8 years:  

"So I am giving you a call as promised after a week of listening and experimentation at home. Where shall I start? Details!! Natural!! Although you got me prepared to the result with the numerous prototypes and demos over the years, I did not believe it was possible to get more from digital audio. Well, it is. I am so surprised with CDs already. I am only starting with SACDs and Blu-ray Pure Audio discs. The DMT3.7 is a pure marvel! And it looks and feels wonderful."  

"I have connected the DMT3.7 to my network [...]. It is very fine since some musics are only available through downloads and the files take advantage of the machine..."

This client used to own a famed Japanese transport featuring a highly regarded SACD mechanism.



Mr. H.D., previously owned ML31.5, Kalista Reference, audio servers. Reel to reel and vinyl addict. Ordered his DMT3.7 on camparison test with an early prototype: 

"The DMT3.7 totally buries my previous players. [...] The real discs are still able to sound better... " 

"Given the dematerialization features of the DMT3.7, I am thinking of abandoning my audio server."



Mr. C.M. previously owned DCS (transport, converter and clock), moved to JMF Audio DXC2.2-MKII with Kalista Reference CD transport, finaly adopted the DMT3.7 after a comparison test:

"I always found SACDs to sound noisy/confused in the top high, and not absolutely better than CDs [on other players]. With JMF Audio this is no longer a point. It is all about music, detailed, ample, full, as always. [...] After all these years as an audiophile, I was anticipating going toward dematerialization, well, you make me stick to discs... [...] Getting more familiar with Blu-ray Pure Audio discs, I consider they represent a real added value."



Mr. G.O., engineer in telecommunication, France 

2010: "dematerialization will outperform discs."   2016: purchased the DMT3.7...



Audio Exotics, Hong-Kong, renowned extreme audio gear distributor, (DMT3.7 / DXC2.2-MKII / DP5):

Before order: "How good can you make digital audio sound?" After reception: "It is extremely good!!" 

> Read article Audio Exotics officializes the distribution of JMF Audio's products



Marvel, Hong-Kong, post on the Audio Exotics forum:

"The JMF Audio DMT 3.7 is for sure a game changer [revolutionary product]. It hits the transport domain with a grand slam victory. [...] It drives me back to spinning CDs for the 5-6 hours without touching my vinyl systems and J-Remote for the CAS [audio server]. It changes my behavior my belief that CD transport was already sunsetting! I still have a lot more to explore about the 3.7 on its decoding capability, TIDAL streaming, etc. With my limited Internet bandwidth for music listening, I choose to indulge myself in playing back my CDs which have been left dusted for a while after ripping into CAS."



Mr. W.Ng., first owner of the DMT3.7 with DXC2.2-MKII combo in Hong-Kong (including DP5 AES-EBU cable) :

"It was good to see you in Munich. The SACD/multi-disc player is absolutely impressive. When can mine be ready?" 

After reception:

"I must write to congratulate you guys for an amazing creation in the transport. Totally amazing. I now use it all the time from my array of other transports. Truly stunning." 

After a few months of experience:

"I own the dCS Vivaldi stack, Esoteric P01, CH Precision, 47Labs, Aurender W20, Sound Galleries Music Server, and I can tell you your source [DMT 3.7 transport and DXC2.2-MKII-C DAC] is the best, by far. I play so many Blu-ray discs, it is now my most-used equipment."

After one year:

"Your drive drive remains an absolute joy in providing endless enjoyment."  (via e-mail)



Mr. G. Fracchia, distributor for very high-end equipment in Australia (including famed turn tables and servers).

After reception of the first JMF Audio products, the DMT3.7 and DP5-B AES-EBU cable:

"MAGNIFIQUE !! (in bold and in French) In every conceivable way. You are light years ahead of anything else !! Thank you so much. Speak very soon. Warmest regards."  via e-mail. 


> Read article JMF Audio to be represented in Australia



Mr. C. N., France, DMT3.7 with DXC2.2 MKII-D converter and DP5-B AES-EBU link:

"I am eagerly listening to the source that I have purchased from JMF Audio. The reading accuracy of the DMT 3.7 is fabulous, delivering incredible information that translates into details of inflections, texture, acoustic context, the voices are more human, the timbres of instruments more accurate, the attacks of notes are accurate on all the registers and especially the end of notes are richer.
All this gives a lot of realism, but with naturalness, without effects of hardness or excess of precision. I have no doubt that this is the player, but also its association with the DAC (DXC2.2 MKII-D) and DP5-B cable that are non-destructive of all these signals provided by the transport. The sound engineers will have to deliver the best and our ears to stay young...
"   (via e-mail, 1 month after reception of the instruments)







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