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As it can be read about the CM4 modulation cable and the SR8 speaker cables, JMF Audio has always paid a great attention to cables that carry the audio information, essentialy. Given the numerous questions of our clients regarding the influence the mains power on the perceived sound quality, we decided to seriously study the case. 

It took us some time and several releases (PC2 versions) but we finally figured out the real issues with the mains power and have delivered the right answer. The PC3 power cord is JMF Audio's efficient and relevant solution. 

1/ The PC3 cord prevents the electromagnetic interferences caused by the audio apparatus' power supply to get out through the mains cord and corrupt the delicate analog signals nearby. 

2/ The PC3 cord prevents the electromagnetic interferences caused by other devices connected to the mains network to enter the audio apparatus and disrupt its internal power supplies, the digital and analog circuits. 

Compared to other hi-end cables, the PC3 provides a sweet natural and homogeneous sound, free of granularity, which reveals an exceptional and coherent soundstage and unsuspected micro-dynamics. Users can expect from the PC3 the same kind of benefits as with the CM4B and SR8 cables.

Some audiophiles complain about mains filters that compress the sound. Some audiophiles put together complicated mains conditioning systems with little success... Forget about all these, plug some PC3 in the wall outlets and enjoy real improvement. And if you want a total solution to power line issues, please have a look the PCD302.



Key features :


 -  EM3 high performance electromagnetic interferences filtering developed by JMF Audio

 -  DRT isolator technology developed by JMF Audio  

 -  SSD specific JMF Audio shielding technique, specific for mains current handling.

 -  JMF Audio sealed plug on latest versions. Available for Europe and US types.




PC3-EU  European plug type (France, Germany, Russia compatible)
PC3-US  US plug type (US, China, Japan compatible) 

Clients' comments:

Mr. O. G. (HQS7001, DXC2.2MKII)

"The more JMF Audio elements I add (CM4B, SR8, PC3), the closer I get to the natural sound I have always looked for [...] Finally I bypassed my mains filter box, the PC3 performs better" (2012)


Mr. A. M. (HQS9001, DXC2.2, SR8, CM4) 

After demo of PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII, DP3 cable and PC3 cords: "Please send me an offer for the whole!"


Mr. M. C. (HQS9001) formerly using Furutech Reference

"The PC2C was good but not as good as my Furutech cord. But ok, now with the PC3 it is a different story, I'll get it. That typical JMF Audio sweet and high definition sound!"


Mr. D.H., (HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5, CM4B, SR8, PC3) fromerly using Shunyata Anaconda

"I listened with the new PC3 at home, compared to the previous PC2C. There is a clear improvement. I even prefer it to my Anacondas I used on the most sensitive devices... Well, I sold them all and will install PC3s everywhere"


Mr. L.R. (SR8, PC3)

"I will totally equip my system with PC3 cords. They are really exceptional! They bring me so much amplitude and natural"


M. R.R. (PC3) 2014

"I confirm good reception of the PC3 cords. I plugged them one after the other. The impact on my preamplifier [...] on the converter is literally amazing!!! Its influence is beneficial on virtually all possible criterions without counterparty. Congratulations on this exploit."




PC3 C We wish to maintain a close relationship with users. We invite you to register your product so as to be informed of the last evolutions and possibilities we offer. The lastest model is PC3-C (red).

New release 2012/2013, successor to PC2C, completely new design and new IEC connector (better hold). Latest models feature a sealed plug enclosure.

Previous models (discontinued):

PC2C "Red": new filtering, conventional plug, replaced "Blue": improved filtering, conventional plug.
PC2B Improved filtering
PC2 Initial release, filtering, SR isolation technology, SSD shield, conventional plug.




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