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Cleaning the mains... Caring for the music...

Since 1985, JMF Audio had focused on the cables that carry the audio information, which seems primordial. With time, questionnings regarding the influence of the mains power on the perceived sound quality became frequent. Thus we decided to study the subject, for our own sake, for our clients' statisfaction, for the music.  We measured, analysed, listened, made correlations... Tackling power line issues along with ensuring musicality, the challenge was high. It took us time, and several releases.  We developed a unique technology called EM3 and finaly the PC3 power cord became JMF Audio's noble, efficient and relevant solution. 

The PC3 power cord has a bidirectional influence. An unique approach:

On the one hand, it reduces the electromagnetic radiations and harmonic distorsion on the mains caused by the audio apparatus' power supply itself. 

On the other and, it prevents the electromagnetic interferences and harmonic distorsion caused by other devices connected to the mains from entering the audio apparatus and reach its internal power supplies, thus reducing possible interference with the digital and analog circuits. 

The PC3 also prevents from radiations to the delicate analog line cables nearby. This is mostly sensitive if unbalanced (RCA) interconnects are used.


It is made in-house by JMF Audio and is distinguished by allowing a soft natural and homogeneous sound, free from granularity, revealing an exceptional and coherent soundstage and unsuspected details of dynamics.


The PC3 power cord has powered numerous audio devices, digital or analog, in different setups with excellent results. The PC3 is recommended to complement the JMF Audio electronic elements. The philosophy is preserved, especially with the latest version. 

Since 2017, PC3 -CC (carbon) model, each individual cable has been identified with a serial number with the corresponding manufacturing and measurement notes stored in JMF Audio's files. Before delivery every cable has passed through a break-in period and listening tests in our studios for verification compared to our references. We are proud to deliver our latest models to you in the deluxe boxes they deserve. 




Key features :


 -  EM3 high performance electromagnetic interferences filtering developed by JMF Audio

 -  DRT isolator technology developed by JMF Audio  

 -  SSD specific JMF Audio shielding technique, specific for mains current handling.

 -  JMF Audio sealed plug on latest versions. Available for Europe and US types.




PC3 -CC  EU (Schuko)

Present models:

PC3 -CC -EU Euro plug type (France, Germany, Russia...). IEC C13 10A rated. (C19 16/20A possible)
PC3 -CC -US US plug type (US, China, Japan compatible). IEC C13 10A rated. (C19 16/20A possible)

Carbon fiber plug. Length 1.5m  (custom possible)

Owners' comments:

The JMF Audio PC3 cord has seduced music lovers from all areas. Whether these experienced audiophiles used to defend exotic cords or whether the sound engineers used to ignore power line influence, they have found in the PC3 power cords the precision, fluidity, amplitude, greatness in the presentation of music.

We are thankful to the enthusiastic JMF Audio instruments-for-the-music owners for their feedbacks, comments and the wish for some of them to get the information published. 

However it has been decided to limit the comments on this page to just a few. Music enthusiasts are invited to discover and experience for themselves. JMF Audio would be pleased to guide and advise a representative.

Please refer to the Contact page and our Policy.



Mr. O. G. (HQS7001, DXC2.2MKII)

"The more JMF Audio elements I add (CM4, SR8, PC3), the closer I get to the natural sound I have always looked for [...] Finally I removed my mains filter box, the PC3 performs better"


Mr. M. C. (HQS9001)

"Now with the PC3 it is a different story. That typical JMF Audio sweet and high definition sound!"


Mr. L. R. (SR8)

"I will totally equip my system with PC3 cords. They are really exceptional! They bring me so much amplitude and natural" via e-mail.


Mr. R. R. (France),

"I confirm good reception of the PC3 cords. I plugged them one after the other. The impact on my preamplifier [...] on the converter is literally amazing!!! Its influence is beneficial on virtually all possible criterions without counterparty. Congratulations on this exploit." via e-mail.



Revisions history:

PC3 -CC Carbon fiber plug. Serial number. Individually verified on listening. Delivered in deluxe box. 
PC3 -C Technical improvement, more fluid sound. Identified by a red ring.
PC3 -B Technical improvement, more fluid sound. Identified by a brown ring. Upgrading to PC3-CC is possible and suggested. 

New release 2012/2013, successor to PC2-C, completely new design and new IEC connector (better hold). The latest models feature a composite sealed plug enclosure. Upgrading a PC3 to PC3-CC is possible and suggested.

When possible, upgrades are proposed for clients to take advantage of the results of our continuous research and development efforts, without the need for product change. It means "details", but details make the differences and can lead to the exceptional. 

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Previous models:

PC2 Several models, up to revision C. Previous version was the "Red", superceeding the "Blue".

Related product: For a total solution to power line conditioning, please refer to JMF Audio  PCD302.

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