CM8 (CM4) modulation cables line





The development of the CM4 modulation cable started soon after the HQS power amplifiers. As explained in the presentation section of this web site, the type and the purity of the materials and their associations for sound neutrality has been the second point of research of Jean-Marie Fusilier. Indeed his main activities were in high frequency electronics, in which field engineers pay great attention to materials and shields for proper signal propagation and signal integrity. The development of the CM4 took several years, of course.

The CM4 cable was then presented with the HQS power amplifiers and was systematically chosen by the descerning studio professionals in the USA, Europe and Asia over their references. 

Excellent products stand the test of time.


The manufacturing of the CM4 cable draws upon exceptional tooling and materials.The conductors are made of extremely pure long crystals. The construction is totally symmetrical as always with JMF Audio's designs. The whole cable assembly requires very precise conductors and shield placement for optimal sound result.


Compared to other hi-end or professional cables, the CM4 provides a sweet natural and homogeneous sound, which means a great accuracy of timbres and an exceptional coherent deep and wide 3D soundstage. Instruments of an orchestra are at the right place and sound natural. The CM4 cable is immune to the microphonic effects (vibrations) and electromagnetic interferences that are both responsible for sound blurring (i.e. dynamics compression, harshness, soundstage reduction, resonances). 


The CM4 cables provide a matched link between JMF Audio devices (DXC D/A converter, PRS1.5 preamplifier, HQS power amplifiers). They carry the same philosophy. 

Although balanced by design and provided with XLR connectors as standard, we can provide RCA (single ended) versions on demand.



Key features :


 -  PLC pure long crystal, specific to JMF Audio

 -  XQD symmetrical design specific to JMF Audio 

 -  TSD specific JMF Audio shielding technique

 -  NAS neutral solder made to measure for JMF Audio (solder of conductors and shields to connectors)

 -  High quality XLR gold contacts connectors (made in Liechtenstein)


Clients' comments:

Mr. M.C. (HQS7001, PRS1.5)

"It is amazing that even the cables like the CM4B bring along this typical JMF Audio sound character: sweet mids and definition" (2010)


Mr. M.R. (DXC2.2)

"The CM4 is impressive, anytime. But it is on the piano that it surprised me the most (Keith Jarrett, Köln Concert)" 


Mr. O.G. (HQS7001, DXC2.2MKII)

"The more JMF Audio elements I add (CM4B, SR8), the closer I get to the natural sound I have always looked for" (2012)


Mr. A.M. (HQS9001, DXC2.2) 

"Coherence is the word that comes to my mouth"


Mr. D.H., (HQS9001, PRS1.5) formerly using Esoteric Mexcel and Cardass

"With the new CM4B, there is no discussion anymore" (2012)


Mr. M.A., world class studio owner in New York City, USA 

"These rigid black modulation cables are incredible. They greatly respect the sound stage." (2007)


Revisions CM4:

CM4 -E Improvement of the shieldings. Allows a total continuity with the isolation concepts inherent in the JMF Audio electronic devices. Major upgrade. Superb sound result. (2016)
CM4 -D Prototype model. We suggest to upgrade.
CM4 -C Modified fabrication. We suggest to upgrade.
CM4 -B

Improved fabrication, which resulted in more detailed soundstage and sweeter mids response

CM4 Initial reference for vinyl playback and studio monitoring interconnect (1990)

Revisions CM8:

CM8 -C Improvement of the shieldings. Allows a total continuity with the isolation concepts inherent in the JMF Audio electronic devices. Major upgrade. Superb sound result. (2016)
CM8 -B

Prototype model as presented in Munich High-End 2016. We suggest to upgrade.

CM8 Initial model

The product revision (B, C, D...) is indicated by a silver badge. (except CM4-B: different external material, and CM4-C: red rings next to the connectors). Please contact JMF Audio for the upgrade of your product. 



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