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The JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers have been acclaimed worldwide for being the highest fidelity and the most musical units on the market. Since 1988 the professional audio leaders (Tom Hidley) and the most regarded studios in the world (Nashville, New-York, London, Capri...) have trusted the HQS power amplifiers to monitor the quality of the most challenging recordings and productions with accuracy.

The JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers have been designed by Jean-Marie Fusilier, founder of JMF Audio, without the preconceptions, the marketing constraints, deadlines or the budget restrictions that generally limit competitors’ designs. Being expert in high-frequency and infra-red electronics (see Presentation), Jean-Marie Fusilier brought very different views on audio and developed radically innovative solutions. These set the fundamentals of JMF Audio.

The JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers are the result of long researches on the sound neutrality of passive components, semiconductors and materials as well as on the amplification structure allowing the fastest response without compromising the stability and the linearity in each stage. The JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers utilize selected and uncommon components for audio applications: high frequency precision transistors, laser trimmed differential pairs, made to measure passive components, selected materials and alloys... 

Technically speaking, the JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers are the only ones to be able to deliver formidable peak currents without being destabilized, without intermodulation, without phase drift, without distortion rise and especially without masking effect of large signals over small signals. 

Perceptually speaking, sound is always clear and the listening is comfortable with a stable deep and wide image.


JMF Audio defines dynamics as linearity down to the lowest levels, especially when the message is complex. This is another aspect that we consider very important. Linearity allows the reproduction of the least details, the subtle ambiances and the wide and coherent natural sound stage as caught at the recording. Most highly regarded competitors' amps do not output any music below some threshold level. 

HQS9001:  MTP output stage

RPS capacitance reservoir 

RPS power transformers

It has to be noted that common audio tests are based on steady state signals (sine waves or square waves). Although these tests can be highly informative and already put apart most of the protagonists, they are much too simple and definitely do not reflect the real utilization: music. And music is a very very different affair...


The HQS3200 power amplifier was renowned for being extremely natural sounding, revealing the slightest details yet delivering huge currents and providing a lot of headroom. The JMF Audio’s knowhow is internationally renowned and logically the HQS power amplifiers were awarded overseas for the best audio amplification technology in the world, in every class. Another point of differientiation: with JMF Audio the bigger the power amp, the greater the sound. 

The JMF Audio devices are entirely handmade inhouse (even the printed circuit boards) and pass severe tests, including listening tests in our studio, to ensure optimal performances. 

Key features:

- RPS ultra stable power supplies. Specifically made to measure capacitors and toroidal transformers.
- LDA ultra linear and direct amplification structure featuring only three stages (featuring PGP gold).
- DCS servo, direct coupling, no capacitor link on the amplification path.
- DPO direct output design: naturally stable amplification design requiring no output self! 
- MTP output stage: multiple transistors, individually controlled, 330A capability for HQS9001!

- TRB temperature regulated circuits (with quick thermal stabilization starting from revision C)
- PGP specific gold plated analog audio boards (LDA amplification an MTP output stage).

- SCD sealed case design (no dust can enter), passive cooling (option silent heatsink cooling fan)

- Ultra low noise floor (and cross talk on stereo version).

- LSS made to measure dia. 6mm output terminals (120A rated!) with specific PGP gold
- Automatic detection and protection against input offset, too high frequency, high temperature, overload.
- Vu meter for input signal magnitude monitoring, dynamics 18dB (except for HQS1050).
- Standby mode allows control of the input signal (front panel meters) before application to the speakers.
- Hand wired, soldered and mounted. Drastic control and selection of all components.

- All models feature the same voltage gain, which definitely facilitates multi amplifiers setups (active setups).

- All power amplifiers are upgradable to the last revision (starting from the new series, new chassis). 


Models:                                       (click on photo to access model page)

HQS9001 mono

HQS7001 mono

HQS1050 mono

HQS6002 stereo

* The HQS1050 is based on the same chassis as PRS1.5 preamplifier and DXC2.2-MKII converter


- Sensitivity
- Impedance
- Connection
- Maximum input level
- Type
- Monitoring

All models have the same voltage gain (which eases multi-amplification)
3 pin XLR - gold contacts (Neutrik)
28V peak to peak
High precision balanced input stage (impedance matched to PRS1.5)
Level metering on bargraph (-15dB to +3dB) (except HQS1050: -3dB, +3dB)
Input offset, overload and high temperature indicated by LEDs

- Output power RMS
HQS9001 600W / 8Ω 1000W / 4Ω 1700W / 2Ω      3000W / 1Ω
HQS7001 380W / 8Ω 700W / 4Ω 1000W / 2Ω
HQS6002 250W / 8Ω 450W / 4Ω 550W / 2Ω      per channel
HQS1050 150W / 8Ω 250W / 4Ω      on 2013 model

- Ouput stage current
- Maximum load

- Connection


- Monitoring

Noise and hum
Audio signal coupling
Protection circuits







Power supply





Fan unit (HQS9001)

HQS9001: 330A,  HQS7001: 112A,  HQS6002: 80A/channel

HQS9001: 1Ω (operational)  HQS7001/6002: 1Ω (limited)  HQS1050: 2Ω (limited)
(automatic current limiting on permanent loading) 

JMF Audio dia. 6mm terminals (120A continuous rated) (adapters to 4mm provided)

The HQS1050 additionaly features WBT gold terminals for fork and banana

Full output power and high temperature indicated by LEDs

Better than -125dB (mono) -122dB (stereo) un-weighted 1kHz
3Hz..100kHz (-3dB) 3Hz..40kHz (0dB)
DC coupled (exclusive DC servo circuitry)
Standby switch on front panel
Automatic protection against high frequency large signals
Automatic DC protection below 3Hz
Automatic protection against overheating and input offset
Automatic protection against overload and short circuits

Aluminum machined brushed anodized 

Wood walnut laser engraved

483 W x 530 D* x 183 H* mm (HQS9001)
483 W x 500 D* x 140 H* mm (HQS7001, HQS6002)

*without fan unit and including feet
HQS9001D: 45kg,  HQS7001D/6002D: 24kg,  HQS1050D: 15kg


100V AC, 120V AC, 230V AC (HQS9001, HQS7001, HQS6002 internal selection)

100V AC .. 240V AC (HQS1050 automatic)

The HQS9001 is equipped with mains voltage supervision circuits and would refuse to power up may the mains voltage be inappropriate.


Silent, automatic and variable speed fan unit, no air path inside amp

Clients' comments:

Mr. J-P., France, (HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5) formerly using Lamm (all tube) and dartzeel

"My HQS9001 provide the sweetness of the best tube amps and we can feel a total control of the speakers [...] they reveal an incredibly detailed 3D soundstage ; a dynamic contrast I had never suspected. And the timbres, they are beautiful..."


Mr. M.I., Asia

"In my opinion, my friend owned the best sounding amps on earth: the HQS3200. Now that I received the HQS7001D, I can say that it is even better: more detailed, more precision, more punch. Along with the PRS1.5, CM4 and SR8, the sound result is very very very high definition... we were schocked"


Mr. A. M., Luxembourg, formely using Pass Labs, then Spectral mono amps and preamp.

"My HQS9001 provide lively music, comfort, etc. Notes last longer, there is always something to hear. My whole JMF Audio system inspires a great serenity..."


Mr. B. F., USA, (HQS6002D).

"I am pleased. The sound is imperial, calm. Beyond sound quality, the facts that the case is sealed and that passing to 230VAC is easy (for when I'll be back in Europe), give me the feeling that I purchased an apparatus for a lifetime, without any fuss or doubt regarding my choice."


M. M.C. (HQS7001 later HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4B) formerly Mark Levinson amps. and preamp.

"Indeed the HQS7001 have been in service for two months on my Revel Salon 2. [...] To my great surprise, even at high level, I have never seen the least led [vu-meter] light up..." [...] "I listen for hours!" [...] "[then passing to the HQS9001] the most spectacular is the low frequencies that go down to the basement with a natural, a precision and an articulation unknown to date. The overall listening is clearer with a depth and a volume that make forget about the speakers."


Mr. R.Y. (HQS6002, PRS1.5, SR8, CM4), Singapore, formerly Wavac mono amps and preamp. 

"I’ve been using a Japanese brand (tube amp) called Wavac and cables were either Argento Audio (Denmark) or Crystal Cable (Netherland). The most notable difference was the liveliness of the music, the soundstage and details. Your amp is also quieter." via email (2011)


Mr. Mic A., world class studio owner and sound engineer in New York City, USA 

"In the early 90's I visited Masterfonics Studios, Nashville, and compared your mono amplifiers to their famed [Swiss] competitors. [The studio kept the Swiss ones as back-up] That day I had the feeling that the [Swiss] better hold the monitors... When my own recording studio was built, I took time to run a comparison again and realized that your amplifiers actually did sound more natural and accurate with a greater sound stage rendering. I have used your amplifiers since and have placed the preamplifier in front, linked with your extraordinary modulation cables. [...] You definitely make the best electronics in the world [...]" (2007) 


Mr. Carlo Talamona, world class studio owner in Italy

"I have owned my (JMF Audio) power amps since the early 90's and I believe they are still on top..." (2007)


Mr. Alain Amouyal, classical music composer, world class studio owner, France. 

"Frames for a Fairy Tale", performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, recorded in London, masters controlled with JMF Audio power amplifiers.


Mr. N. Stawski, recording/mixing engineer, co-producer, Paris (HQS9001, PC3, SR8) 2014:

"I first auditionned and compared your amplifiers in the recording studio I used to work in. When the time was right to create my own studio, there was no question about the choice of power amplifiers. We understood each other. The sound is so precise and soft, easy. With your monitoring, I hear the space around the musicians, the low is ultra detailed, this is great for mixing control. [...] The best power amplifiers one can find!"


C.O., importer/dealer, Europe (2015):

"It was a pleasure to listen to your system. I had not previously auditioned any of your products and although I was aware of your brand, I was not expecting the level of sound quality you had at the Marriott.
I have used many well-known high end amplifiers (including: Boulder, Dartzeel, Lamm, Ypsilon, Spectral, etc.) and the sensation I get is that your amplification is one step ahead (or more!) than the rest. Congratulations on your marvelous products"



E (2014)

Third generation LDA signal amplification circuit board. Latest PC3 power cord. 

New machined aluminum chassis available for HQS9001.

D / PC3

Added PC3 power cord and internal mains filter (no applicable to HQS1050)

New XL heatsinks for HQS7001 and HQS6002 (no fan unit)

D (2010) Improved LDA amplification circuits, MTP output stage and RPS power supply
C Improved LDA amplification circuits, MTP output stage and RPS power supply

First models with new chassis, LDA, MTP and RPS. Prototypes, upgrade recommanded

The HQS7001 is added to the product line

(A) Initial reference studio monitoring amplifiers (new series, following HQS3200 and HQS2400)



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