Munich 2019, show report

Munich High-End  -  Hifideluxe 2019  -  JMF Audio

For the 5th presentation, JMF Audio unveiled the most complete ensemble ever, including full analog playback, with the same philosophy, for the music... It was a pleasure to offer our visitors more confortable listening conditions in a vast salon for experiencing the result of over 34 years of research and development, dedication and involvement, through an eclectic and unusual selection of musical tracks.  

The JMF Audio 2019 collection was presented in the black and white atmosphere. It was an honor to unveil the following exclusives for Munich 2019:

- Prototype of the highly anticipated phono pre-amplifier, model PHS 7.2...

- Prototype of the unexpected compact power line conditioner, model PCD 102...

- New version of the CM4 -E cable for phono interconnection...

- Two albums recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 nominated for the Grammy Awards last January...



Complete JMF Audio ensemble, from the digital disc transport to the woofer, through amplification and cables. 

A second rack was added for vinyl records, to present the new PHS 7.2 phono pre-amplifier.

All elements powered through the PCD 302 power line conditioner.


Video summary of the Munich 2019 edition (official):

Video review of Peter Breuninger AVShowroom USA:

Click on the picture to watch (YouTube)

The most complete ensemble presented in the largest listening room of Munich. (130 sq.m or 1400 sq.feet)

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JMF Audio honored "Best Sound" from the first presentation in Munich.



Music samples of all genres, of all periods, on vinyl discs, CD, SA-CD, Blu-ray Pure Audio were played. Connoisseurs were therefore able to appreciate the desirable ability of the JMF Audio products to offer an immersive, faithful and universal presentation of music. Recordings ranging from 1955 with Chet Baker recorded in Paris (vinyl), the emotionally moving Cantate Domino on original vinyl pressing (Proprius, 1976) from the JMF Audio's collection to the innovative albums LUX and Himmelborgen (Blu-ray Pure Audio, 2019) and January 2019 Grammy Nominated albums Ujamaa & The Iceberg and Folketoner, recorded with the JMF Audio PCD302 power line conditioner by Norwegian label 2L.  

Jazz, classical, choirs, modern pop, voices, percussions, 70's rock, and visitors' discs... For the delight of music lovers of all affinities.

The JMF Audio's Munich 2019 room view from the entrance (a surround view ends our official video - Youtube)  


Arnaud and Laurent Fusilier / JMF Audio with Touraj Moghaddam / Vertere (record player), 

holding a limited edition of a record released on their own label. 

To the long time audio enthusiasts, musicians, sound engineers, editors, music lovers, we say thank you for your passion and quest for the best instruments to play and feel the music. We are thankful to the organization and to the increasing number of exhibitors for enlivening this event.

Music lovers have always entered the JMF Audio family by acquiring a single product, inserted it in their current setup and enjoyed the musical benefit. Now that JMF Audio proposes all elements, a dream has been made reality...

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The already legendary DMT 3.7 multiformat transport and the state of the art BDPM1 optical mechanism were subject to more inquiries and photos than ever. 

Exclusive inside views of the instruments. Here the HQS 9001 mono amplifiers and PGP multi-layer gold high-voltage driver board.


JMF Audio cables on display in their deluxe box. PC3 carbon cord, SR8 speaker links and the new CM4 in RCA version with its external additional EHF shield link.

The new compact PCD 102 power line conditioner next to the reference dual cord PCD 302. A world's first in Munich's Hifideluxe 2019.


The highly anticipated JMF Audio PHS 7.2 phono pre-amplifier prototype pointed by Jlam of Audio Exotics Hong Kong. A world's first in Munich's Hifideluxe 2019.

A company video was screened at the back of the room for the audio enthusiasts to discover how the JMF Audio jewels for the music are designed and built.

On this view, SMT components hand soldering on the PGP gold multi-layer PCB of the driver board, the heart of our power amplifiers. An over three decade know-how...


In order to best serve the increasing number of audiophiles looking for mature and natural sounding elements, JMF Audio welcomes partners and sales representatives, including in Europe.

Some of the comments:

"I was very excited to visit your showroom at the HiFi Deluxe as always. So I will not repeat myself – I still think that the JMF Audio’s sound from digital sources is excellent, probably the best.
It is like coming to a concert, without knowing whose performance you will enjoy. [...]
But - the real emotional shock was, when you played a 1976 fully analog LP record, some classical music, I don’t remember exactly what, on the Vertere and with Phono PHS 7.2. Very seldom I have experienced this kind of emotional explosion. It is a strange feeling, when tears flow from eyes and you get goose bumps [...] 
This is what hifi is about. Strong emotions and feelings through music."  (via e-mail)

P.K. Distributor of high-end audio products in Eastern Europe, having no commercial relation with JMF Audio, yet. 

"I think your product is great and told an audio reviewer friend of mine, (name of reviewer and magazine not disclosed here), that it was the best in show for me. He couldn't believe I would give up my (name of equipment not disclosed here) but I told him that would be a consideration. [...] and possibly changing my entire audio approach [...]" (via e-mail)

Bob S. Experienced music lover, USA.


More comments may be added with time.

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