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Munich High-End  -  Hifideluxe 2017  -  JMF Audio

"Very natural sound, more spectacular, thrilling". These are the words which summarize the comments of the long time audiophiles, the musicians, the sound engineers who took a seat and spent time to listen. This year, numerous visitors from different horizons were seen heading straight for the special JMF Audio room. We are thankful to you, the music lovers for your quest for the best instruments to play and feel the music. The kind words from persons actually involved with other brands were also really appreciated.

At Hifideluxe (Marriott Hotel), for the world renowned High-End Munich, the JMF Audio 2017 collection was presented in a black and white atmosphere: the disc transport/digital source, D/A converter, preamplifier, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, power line conditioner, the specific cables and the decoupling stands; all developed with the same philosophy over 32 years of research and development for the music (see updated history section). 

The HPM500 loudspeakers with massive ash wood grain visible through the black finish.

As always many types of musics, of all periods, on different formats, were played to enlighten the desirable capability of the JMF Audio products to offer genuine and universal listening. Recordings ranging from 1966 Count Basie "Before Frank, Live at the sands" (SACD remaster) to the recent and unique James Carter "Caribbean Rapsody" (concerto for saxophones and orchestra!), through a Jimmy Hendrix cover by Johnny A. and the delightful jazz of Danish born singer Indra Rios Moore on "heartland"; during which most visitors could not prevent themselves from closing their eyes. 

The massive introduction to Mahler N°5 by Riccardo Chailly was still played, may it were needed to prove the dynamic capability, stability, image and timbre accuracy of the JMF Audio ensemble. The preferred live performance certainly was with Italian duet Musica Nuda, cover of french singer Jacques Brel, with the outstanding and powerful vocals of Petra Magoni. Our audience often applauded along the already recorded applauds. The rendering surely was involving.

The returning visitors were also able to evaluate the ease with which the JMF Audio ensemble could transcribe 'classic audiophiles tests' such as from Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Miller, Misa Criolla, Hugh Masekela, Anne Sophie Mutter... 

Regarding the high definition Blu-ray Pure Audio discs (> more about), new releases were revealed, such as Jane Ira Bloom "Early Americans" instrumental jazz from New York (2016) produced by Jim Anderson (multiple Grammy Awards) for which visitors could not help taping feet, the reference Beethoven the 9 Symphonies by Karajan "Freunde", remastered (DECCA), the impressive Organism and Himmelrand (organ and choral in cathedrals), the highly dynamic and breathtaking Nordic Brass Ensemble "European Tour" (percussions and brass) to the piano solo of Jan Gunnar Hoff "Stories" (recorded with JMF Audio equipment > read more), these latter being produced by Morten Lindberg of 2L (28 nominations for the Grammy Awards).

We explained that JMF Audio products, by their precision and detail, tend to transcend the media and the techniques. The listener perceives the artistic first. 

The accent this year was put on the spectacular and the emotional. 

JMF Audio's Indonesian representative with clients honored us with their visit.

We wish to thank the numerous journalists from all around the world for coming. Some of them spent a lot of time in the JMF Audio room although there were so many other exhibitors to visit in a limited time frame. So we believe JMF Audio's music was definitely seducing...

The listening conditions at the show were of course unsuitable for evaluating the full potential, the micro details and being fully immersed in the artistic. Music lovers are invited to contact us for an appointment to listen in calm in our two studios, next to Germany, located in a cultural and touristic area. Please refer to the contact page.  


Handshake with JMF Audio's HongKong showroom manager and representative

It is always a pleasure to meet with JMF Audio products owners from other parts of the world.


Presentation of the DXC 2.2 MKII converter, PRS1.5 preamplifier, MBR1 remote control, PCD302 power line conditioner, HQS9001 mighty mono amplifiers... 

The already legendary DMT 3.7 multiformat transport and the state of the art BDPM1 optical mechanism were subject to many inquiries and photos. 


Representatives of the Pure Audio Blu-ray community in the entrance of the JMF Audio room at Hifideluxe.

Stefan Bock, msm-studios

Christoph Diekmann,

Laurent Fusilier, JMF Audio

JMF Audio at the Munich based msm-studios

Stefan Bock holding the first ever released Blu-ray Pure Audio disc produced with JMF Audio equipment. 

> read more



Some of the comments:

"Superb sound. Really natural, more organic. My forearms hair rised during the listening. This is just Super. Congratulations again."   (video interview)

"These beautiful sounding horn loudspeakers and electronics delivered a deep, organic and fast sound [...] filled the room with a warm, natural and mesmerizing sound. [...] positively dreamy"  (website)

"Gold Show Award Munich 2017 Best Sound JMF Audio"

Peter Breuninger, reviewer, USA

Evaluation on Mr. Breuninger's brought CD and on JMF Audio's Musica Nuda Live at FIP produced by Radio France.


2015: "Outstanding sound!" - Gold Award

2016: "An attendee said [...] that it was the best sound he heard at the show. I cannot disagree with his statement." - Gold Award

"Impressed, I took a photo of the first disc played. I took a photo of the second. I would have taken photos of all... I figured the result did not only come from the discs' quality... "

A visitor from Asia. Similar comments were heard several times during the show.

"Brilliant [...] Best sound of all Munich"

From a group of American visitors.

"The first time I came into the room today I was thrilled. I have just come again and am still thrilled..."

"For sure I had never heard the Oscar Peterson Trio We get Requests (1964) in such a beautiful and realistic way"

"Very impressive sound. I did a review on the latest players and converters and discovered your DMT 3.7 during searches. I was here to learn more about it and about JMF Audio. I look forward to evaluating your products."

Key Kim, Stereo Times magazine, New York

"Excellent. More impressive presentation than last year"

From a group of JMF Audio clients in Hong Kong.

"Very good sound. Very impressive. It is like if there were no microphone, no recording, only the musicians"

From a long time audiophile who came with JMF Audio's Indonesian sales representative.

"We love the sound. The best."

"JMF Audio did it again. It is all about music. Congratulations !!" (HifiClass forum, photo comment)

"The musicality and the Fusilier family's knowhow are incredible. Thank you !!" (HifiClass forum, video comment) 

Jose Manuel Delgado Mendoza, Hifi Live Magazine, Spain

"Thanks Laurent for playing James Carter's "Caribbean Rhapsody" and Jane Ira Bloom's "Early Americans" "

Jim Anderson, Professor at the New York University, Sound engineer and producer, multi Grammy Awards winner, former director of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Pure Audio Blu-ray disc producer. 

"Image, detail, dynamic, musicality... There is everything [...] And the feeling exists even at low volume"

"The brass instruments have body, without any harshness. It is natural."

"One must have audiophile maturity to appreciate"

Olivier. D. from France, already owner of very high end equipment, who spent over two hours in the JMF Audio room. 



More comments will be added as they are received.


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