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Munich High-End  -  Hifideluxe 2016  -  JMF Audio

"The most natural sound of Munich…". This is the best compliment that visitors could make us. When such words come from distributors of competitors' equipment, audiophiles' wives and musicians, it touches us deeply. Thank you very much. Some comments have been quoted below.

At Hifideluxe, Marriott Hotel, during the high-end audio week where the most prestigious products in the world are showcased, JMF Audio presented a full system: digital source, converter, preamplifier, power amplifiers, speakers, power supply conditioning, all the specific cables and the decoupling stands; all developed with the same philosophy. This is absolutely unique! This is the culmination of over 30 years of history. 

As opposed to the presentations in our studios in France, where the room acoustics is highly controlled, we presented at Hifideluxe with limited room treatment, for our followers to be able to balance the impressions.   

As always we played all types of music, of all eras, on different formats; recordings ranging from 1964 with The Oscar Peterson Trio "We get requests" for jazz on CD, the timeless church choral of Cantate Domino (1976, Proprius) on SACD, to the recent and artistically original SPES (2L, 2016 Grammy Award nominated) on Blu-ray Pure Audio disc (a format for which JMF Audio is world leader). Of course, to express our gratitude to our host country, we often placed one of our favorite disc in the player: the Tchaïkovski Violin Concertos performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Wiener Philharmoniker conducted by André Previn (DG 2004) on SACD ; such a wonderful artistic performance, such a subtlety and sweetness that delight music lovers' ears and soul. 

The returning visitors were therefore able to appreciate the great universality of the playback system which our philosophy of high precision allows. Anouar Brahem/John Surman/Dave Holland's trio album named Thimar (arabic jazz), Eric Bibb (blues), Diana Krall, Melody Gardot, Francis Cabrel, China Moses, Marcus Miller, Mark Knopfler, Hugh Masekela, Michael Bublé are examples for the diversity of the music that was played, mostly on regular CDs... On over 50 year old recordings in small venues, such as Dave Brubeck quartet live at Carnegie Hall (CD), the listeners confirmed they had the feeling to have travelled back in time and sit before the artists. On Magnificat (2L, 2014), the listeners had the true sensation of being immersed in the cathedral and ported by this magnificent choral performance. The fact that numerous people asked for the reference of this particular disc attests to the spectacular rendering... 

During our demos, we play well known reference recordings and also wish to share discoveries with our visitors. This year our favorite was solo effort Piano Improvisations (2L, 2012) from wonderful classical music composer and pianist Ola Gjeilo. In our opinion, this artist's exceptional talent was very well translated on the recording.  

Quite a few of our Asian customers and followers made the travel and visited the French company JMF Audio in Germany. Therefore we chose to enlighten this meeting with the dynamic Offenbach (Rosenthal) "Gaité Parisienne - Vivo" (Telarc 1992)! It was played once everyday.

JMF Audio started with the development of power amplifiers for the most prestigious recording studios worldwide. They were first introduced in Nashville USA in 1989 by famous acoustician Tom Hidley who selected them for their high output power and truly exceptional sound quality. As a remembering of that time, we pleasantly ended each day with Aaron Neville's Warm Your Heart.

Stefan Bock (MSM Studios), Morten Lindberg (2L), Arnaud and Laurent Fusilier (JMF Audio)

On Saturday we had the pleasure and honor to welcome in our room Mr. Morten Lindberg of 2L, the multi Grammy Award nominated producer and sound engineer, along with Mr. Stefan Bock of Munich based MSM Studios. The three European companies 2L, MSM Studios, JMF Audio represent the pioneers for the Blu-ray Pure Audio disc format respectively for recording, authoring/developing and playback. Please see JMF Audio's DMT3.7 transport page. (> Brochure Blu-ray Pure Audio)


We wish to thank the numerous journalists from all around the world for coming. Some of them spent over two hours in the JMF Audio room although there were so many other exhibitors to visit in a limited time frame. So we believe JMF Audio's music was definitely seducing...


This year again when too many visitors entered the room we were unable to propose a convenient listening position for everyone. We apologize and invite music lovers to contact us for an appointment to listen in calm in our two studios, next to Germany, located in a cultural and touristic area. Please refer to the contact page.  

Blues music was requested and we did not have enough. Next time we will bring more, such as Joe Bonamassa, we promised. 

The changes this year were:

- DMT3.7 transport final hardware version (it was the first prototype last year) 

- DP5 AES-EBU cable (superseding DP3)

- Revision C for PRS1.5 preamplifier and DXC2.2 MKII converter (new power supplies concept)

- Revision F for PCD302 power line conditioner (it was revision E last year)

- Revision B for CM8 line cables (it was original CM8 last year)

- Decoupling stands for the electronic devices


DMT3.7 transport, BDPM1 optical mechanism, hand built gold printed circuit board, 40HTS200 woofer.

DXC2.2 MKII converter, PRS1.5 pre-amplifier and HQS9001 amplifiers display. Aluminum finishes.

Ola Gjeilo's Blu-ray Audio disc (2L) and CD (DECCA), played with JMF Audio DMT3.7 universal transport.

Representatives of the Indonesian audiophile community honored us with their visit.

From Malaysia, a client and a representative of the Analogue Fellowship community.

Excellent products catch attention. Excellent music is international...


A few comments:

"We were so impressed by your sound last year. And you surpassed it this year. Congratulations!"   (video interview)

"Beautiful and natural sound [...] An attendee said, as he walked from the room, that it was the best sound he heard at the show. I cannot disagree with his statement. JMF Audio easily produces a sound I could listen to for hours."  (extract from web site)

"Gold Show Award Hifideluxe 2016 Best Sound JMF Audio"

Peter Breuninger, reviewer, USA

Evaluation on Mr. Breuninger's brought CD, a Canadian artist singing in French. We appreciated.

"At last, what I consider as the best sound of Munich. Located at the Marriott Hotel, the French brand JMF Audio proposed, in my opinion, the best that could be heard on both sites, MOC and Marriott. And very certainly the best that I have ever heard in my life, although there was no analog source. Softness, punch, articulation, emotion, everything was here to transport the listener to the recording venue, almost as if it were in direct. Our very special congratulations go to this company that is able to convert the dreams of the most discerning music lovers / audiophiles into reality."   (extract from the magazine)

"One of the two clearly superior ultra high-end setups that I heard for the second year in a row. JMF Audio, a pleasure that gives a great thrill."   (from Facebook, Hifi class group)

Jose Manuel Delgado Mendoza, Hifi Live Magazine, Spain (after having commented Living Voice / Kondo)

"When you have heard this, there is no need to go to the other rooms... I brought other people with me this year"

P.K., high-end audio products dealer, Estonia

"As always, the JMF Audio total system never fails to impress... [...] Grand sounding and wide landscape were my first impressions of JMF Audio... Spectacular!"    (from Facebook, Analogue Fellowship group)

Danon Han Hong Den, Analogue Fellowship audiophiles community, Malaysia

"I have been a high-end audio products distributor for 30 years. I have never listened to such a natural and full sound. I did not think it was possible..."

This person did not wish to leave his contact information. He left the JMF Audio room walking down the corridor without entering the other rooms...   

"Your sound is so different from the usual *hifi* sound. JMF Audio sounds very natural. It makes me think of analog master tapes although you play digital discs... Which element makes your sound so good? I wish we could work together" 

H.K., distributor of competitors' products, South Korea

"As surprising as last year. Still excellent. Incredible."

M.P., distributor of high-end products, New Zealand

"How have you been able to produce such a natural music? My brother is a musician, I wish he were here, he would love this. When we attend a demo in a shop it is usually deafening. Here [in the JMF Audio room] the music is nice, detailed, clear and pure."

Stefanie. F. a lady who seemed to be a true music lover, Germany.

"No doubt the best sound at the show. Congratulations!!!"   (on

Alberto Pascual, Hifi Live Magazine, Spain

"It was a big pleasure to meet you there and have some time to spend with the Most Musical System in Munich."

Jorge Castellano, High-end audio dealer, Spain   (via e-mail)

"I love the sound. Absolutely. [...] JMF Audio is possibly the most aware company in the industry..."

Morten Lindberg, sound engineer and producer, 2L, Norway. (multi Grammy Awards nominations)


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