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JMF Audio is located in a beautiful area, in the middle of Europe, famous for tourism, luxury cloth, crystal, wine, cinema and music. 

JMF Audio's context

Marcus Miller, to Miles Davis

Patricia Barber, jazz icon

Jazz Colmar 2016 Kyle Eastwood

Jazz, N. Folmer and Antonio Farao

FIC, Renaud & Gauthier Capuçon, Grigory Sokolov 


Grammy Awards, IFPI... Recordings acclaimed 

Lindberg Lyd AS Studios and the PCD302 power line filter

Miscendo studios Paris in Pro-Sound News UK

Chen Leiji awarded IFPI 2015

JMF Audio on the frontpage of Audio-Video magazine Indonesia

Audio Art's (Taiwan) book features JMF Audio HPM1000

Philip Newell's book about recording studios features JMF Audio power amplifiers

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Munich High-End

Hifideluxe, since 2015


30 th anniversary

10 years of intensive R&D
  1 st world presentation



Hong Kong AE Super Hi-end


Hong Kong HKAV  


IHEAC Indonesia



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Blu-ray Pure Audio

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Links to the brochures (pdf):

JMF Audio brochure 2017

JMF Audio and MSM Studios pioneers of Blu-ray Pure Audio

30th anniversary, world firsts

The Blu-ray Pure Audio combines the Blu-ray format's vast storage capacity and bandwidth necessary for high resolution sound in stereo and surround.  The JMF Audio's DMT3.7 universal transport takes full advantage of this new format that outperforms SACD.  

Hundreds of albums were already available in 2015, not even counting releases by Universal Music and their associated labels.

Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories, the first Pure Audio Blu-ray recorded with JMF Audio PCD302 


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