Seoul - South Korea

 March 2019

SIAS 2019 in Korea with JMF Audio 


The JMF Audio's state-of-the-art digital front end presented to the Korean enthusiasts for the first time at the SIAS High-end Audio show by Sonoris. 

JMF Audio's digital front end and power line conditioning to supply a high-end audio ensemble. 

DMT 3.7 transport (CD / SACD / Blu-ray Pure Audio) and DXC 2.2 MKII converter on the wood rack

PCD 302 power line conditioner located on the right, 

DP5 digital link, PC3 power cords.

The Korean audio enthusiasts eager to discover JMF Audio of France.

Analog and digital discs players. For the love of music...


We are thankful to the Korean enthusiasts for their passion and to Sonoris, Mr. Hoyoun Kim, for introducing JMF Audio of France.


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