Patricia Barber and JMF Audio, a common point of view


Patricia Barber's trio in concert in Metz, France, March 2019. Laurent Fusilier of JMF Audio was honored to meet with the world famous jazz singer and musician.


Patricia Barber's albums, "Modern Cool" , Grammy Award winner as of the release on CD won another Grammy Award for the latest Pure Audio Blu-ray version.

We found the quality of the 24bit / 192kHz transfer from the original stereo masters to be exceptional. Hence this disc has been one of our references to demonstrate the potential of Blu-ray Pure Audio Recordings on the JMF Audio DMT 3.7 transport.


Let's expect a complemented edition of "Modern Cool" to be released, and possibly more...

To highlight our conversation that night, Patricia Barber decided not to post any audio files of that particular concert on streaming platforms. "An artist's decision", she said.


A few months ago Patricia Barber published a follow up to an interview of JMF Audio by a Polish editor about the beauty of hardcopy, playing real discs. 

> Read interview of JMF Audio, including Patricia Barber's comment.


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