Philip Newell's book shows JMF Audio amplifiers in Nashville studios    



In his comprehensive presentation of recording studio design, international consultant and former technical director of Virgin Records, Philip Newell obviously covered works of American designer Tom Hidley, who without a doubt is the most influential and respected in the world. Tom Hidley's studios (TTG Hollywood, Westlake, The Record Plant... to name only a few in his hundreds of creations) have housed the most talented engineers, producers and musicians to produce formidable international hits (Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Shania Twain...) 

Starting from 1989 Tom Hidley has advised JMF Audio's power amplifiers in his non-environmental control room design for their exceptional power handling and absolute natural sound. Tom Hidley designed studios including JMF Audio's power amplifiers such as Masterfonics (Nashville) and Nomis (London) are used as examples and illustrations in this book. Other studios trusting JMF Audio's technology are also mentioned. We are thankful to Philip Newell.

Page 503, Figure 20.1, photo of a HQS3200 power amplifier at Masterfonics with owner Glenn Meadows (multi platinum discs and two times Grammy Awards winner mastering engineer). The Mix Room of Masterfonics was awarded best of the USA by Mix Magazine in 1998. For more details > Read history

Although intended for architects, this book can be highly informative for the passionate audiophiles willing to demystify aspects of room acoustics, diffusion and perception of sound along with getting background knowledge on the conditions in which their beloved recordings were produced.




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