The first Blu-ray Pure Audio disc produced with JMF Audio's technology, by 2L   


November 16, 2016.

Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories, piano jazz, produced by 23 times American Gammy Awards nominated engineer Morten Lindberg, is the first Pure Audio Blu-ray disc in the world to have been recorded with JMF Audio's technology. A spectacular rendering is naturally to be expected.


Jan Gunnar Hoff, Living, was the first Pure Audio Blu-ray disc that JMF Audio purchased from 2L as we were evaluating the format for the development of the DMT3.7 player. And what a great surprise. This time, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories, is the first Pure Audio Blu-ray to have been recorded using JMF Audio's technology. 

The use of the JMF Audio PCD302 power line conditioner for microphone amplifiers and recorders significantly reduces noise levels in recordings (supporting measurements) and prevents from interactions between connected devices' power supplies (one of the key innovations of the PCD302). This results in a much more natural and expressive sound, especially sensitive for music on SACD and Blu-ray media of higher definition.

Since 1985, only favored sound engineers have taken advantage of JMF Audio's technology for monitoring the quality of the sound in the studio. With this first album, the music lovers will also take advantage of JMF Audio's technology on their home audio setup because the music on the disc directly benefits. Needless to say this album is highly anticipated. Our congratulations go to Jan, Morten and 2L for this new excitement and their quest for the best.


2L, the MSM studio group and JMF Audio are the pioneers on the Pure Audio Blu-ray disc format, respectively for recording/producing, authoring/development and playback.

Blu-ray Pure Audio discs contain high definition audio (no video) in stereo (192kHz) and surround sound. They outperform CDs and SACDs.

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2L, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Stories - album presentation 


Photos credit: 2L

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