The JMF Audio room in Hong Kong about to open   


March 2017. 

The JMF Audio room in Hong Kong, presenting all the elements from the DMT3.7 patented Pure Audio Blu-ray transport to the HPM500 loudspeakers through studio legends mono power amplifiers HQS9001, PRS1.5 preamplifier and 768kHz DXC2.2 MKII converter, all powered with the mighty PCD302 mains conditioner. The top of the range JMF Audio cables allowing these musical instruments to express in harmony, of course.

Those who love music and value the best jewels to enjoy it have their pilgrimage destination set in central Asia, finally.

This room also includes a desirable collection of rare vinyl records and features the suitable turntable. We are thankful to Mr. Chris Leung. Photo courtesy of Audio Exotics.…


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