JMF Audio at IHEAC 2016 Jakarta, Indonesia   


JMF Audio was successfully presented at the 5th IHEAC show in Indonesia by our sales representative Audio Jaya. The HQS7001-E mono power amplifiers, PRS1.5-C preamplifier, PCD302-F (hidden behind the amplifiers on the photo), PC3-CL power cords, CM8-C line cables and SR8 speaker cables perfectly complemented a full dCS Vivaldi stack and Estelon speakers for the enjoyment of the audience. Another proof, if it were needed, that JMF Audio can sublime many configurations.


Our congratulations and thanks go to Audio Jaya's president Mr. Marthen, to the Indonesian audiophile community and to the IHEAC's president Mr. Hailamsah, who honored us of his visit in France in the past and in our salon at this show this year.
The impatient Indonesian and Malaysian audiophiles will soon have the pleasure to audition the DMT3.7 / DXC2.2 MKII-C world's first SACD / Pure Audio Blu-ray discs optimized source at Audio Jaya's.

JMF Audio's sales representative Jonathan Marthen with IHEAC members and show organizers

Photos credit: Audio Jaya


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