Hong Kong showroom inauguration and interview by Audiotechnique magazine



Master Chik (showroom manager), Laurent Fusilier (JMF Audio), Chris Leung (AudioExotics)

JMF Audio is proud to entrust its representation in Hong Kong and China to AudioExotics. Its founder, Chris Leung, appreciated for his seriousness, developed a team of enthusiasts including turntables trimming expert Master Chik, known of all purists for his collection of more than 30,000 vinyls.

AudioExotics organizes its own annual "Super Hi-End" show, which reputation goes beyond the limits of Asia.

Wishing to bring AudioExotics to a new level of excellence, Chris Leung decided to represent the entire JMF Audio range and open a dedicated auditorium in central Hong Kong, in which Master Chik's exceptional collection would be exhibited for the first time.

Inaugurated by JMF Audio in October 2017, this place where all musics come to life will become a destination of wonder for experienced audiophiles and music lovers looking for audio elements for a natural rendering.


Hong Kong central, live music and high quality surrounding the JMF Audio showroom  (photos JMF Audio)


At the Audiotechnique magazine headquarter

We were honored to respond to an interview organized by members of the management and editorial staff of Audiotechnique, the most influential magazine in Hong Kong and China from its 40 years of existence.
The history of JMF Audio, the different approach and the enthusiasm of the satisfied customers, were the main topics.

The interview also was the opportunity for us to introduce the new Pure Audio Blu-ray discs standard, as defined by the msm-studios, for which the patented JMF Audio DMT3.7 transport reveals a higher definition music than with SA-CD discs. (see > Pure Audio Excellence). We have also provided explanatory elements as to the recognized superior musicality from optical discs reading with the DMT3.7 compared to dematerialization solutions.

As a conclusion to the passionate discussion about established and emerging digital audio formats and encodings, JMF Audio's answer can be summed up as follows: "When playback is exceptional in precision and accuracy, music takes over, transcending formats for the pleasure of the listener".

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