Hong Kong  -  Super High-End  -  July 2017  



We have the pleasure to share photos from the highky anticipated Super High-End show of Hong Kong organized by Audiotechnique magazine exclusively for JMF Audio's sales representative Audio Exotics.

The JMF Audio's patented DMT3.7 transport for SACD / CD and Pure Audio Blu-ray discs, along with DXC2.2 MKII converter, CM8-C line cables, PC3-CL power cords and PCD302-F power line conditioner were presented on July 2017. Other brands' equipment completed the setup.

> Pure Audio excellence

> JMF Audio showroom in Hong Kong 



Hong Kong - High End Audio Video  -  August 2017


After the specialized Super High-End show in July, the largest show for high fidelity audio in August:

The JMF Audio DMT3.7 patented transport for CD / SACD / Pure Audio Blu-ray discs was presented before the stage at the grand concert during the HKAV show, the largest audio/video event in the area. The artists placed their voice and guitars over the music played by the JMF Audio transport. Of course, the fans had the pleasure to make their real CDs autographed after the concerts.

We are thankful to our sales representative AudioExotics and to the artists.

> Pure Audio excellence

> JMF Audio showroom in Hong Kong 


Photos courtesy of AudioExotics.



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