Grammy Awards, two nominations with PCD302. A Blu-ray Pure Audio win!




For the first presentation of recordings made with the JMF Audio PCD302 power line conditioner, Norwegian label 2L received four nominations for the Grammy Awards for two albums : Ensemble 96 "So if my Love", Stale Kleiberg "Mass for Modern Man" (best mix engineer, best mastering engineer, best producer, best album). Moreover, these albums took advantage of the high definition Pure Audio Blu-ray format! 

Blu-ray Pure Audio release from Jane Ira Bloom, Early Americans, produced by Jim Anderson (former president of the Audio Engineering Society) won a Grammy Award!

One of the lasts Blu-ray Pure Audio disc to have won a Grammy was the reissue of the jazz reference Patricia Barber, "Modern Cool". On the other hand, for Gregory Porter "Liquid Spirit", the Blu-ray Pure Audio release followed the Grammy Awarded CD version.



Jane Ira Blum's Early Americans, produced by Jim Anderson 

and released on Blu-ray Pure Audio, won a Grammy Award!


The 60th Grammy Awards celebration was moved back to New York city. Three albums released on Blu-ray Pure Audio were nominated. Our congratulations go to Morten Lindberg, Jim Anderson, Jane Ira Bloom (co-producer), Darcy Proper (mastering) and the artists...


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> Lindberg Lyd Studios, 2L to use JMF Audio PCD302 for high definition recordings.

> See PCD302 product page

> More information about the new Blu-ray Pure Audio disc format.



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