JMF Audio to welcome Indonesian sales representative   


JMF Audio was honored to welcome Jonathan Marthen and Riwin Homan of Audio Jaya, our distributor for Indonesia and Malaysia, before the High-End Munich exhibition 2017. Visit of the facility, the different technical rooms, presentation of the ongoing manufacturing, the handcrafted elements that will be part of the final musical jewels. The eagerness to listen having reached a summit, it was time to skip to the dedicated studios experience, the purist stereo room and the sensational full scale surround sound room. 

Experiencing for the first time with the DMT3.7 transport and the HPM500 loudspeakers:

"I had never heard more than two layers of sound stage on this CD. Here I can hear four to five. Incredible!"

"It is so nice I almost cried..." 

Final listening in the Studio A, featuring the patented HPM1000 loudspeakers in surround sound. Superlative... 


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