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Carrying the signal...  Caring for the music.

The development of the SR4 and SR8 speaker cables started soon after the launch of the new JMF Audio's product line. Between the HQS power amplifiers and the HPM loudspeakers, there had to be a link of the highest quality. Considering that significant signal power is drawn, JMF Audio's pragmatic approach prevailed in this domain too: pursuing the lossless, with musicality. A challenge...

JMF Audio already proposed the CM4 modulation cable, so the owners of the brand's elements expected an extraordinary speaker cable. As explained in the History of the brand, the type and the purity of the materials and their associations for sound neutrality has been the second point of research of Jean-Marie Fusilier back in the 80's. Indeed his main activities were in high frequency electronics, in which field engineers pay great attention to materials and shields for proper signal propagation and signal integrity. The SR4 speaker cable was the first model of this new generation, then the SR8 became the reference, featuring twice as many conductors and an extremely low impedance (confirmed with JMF Audio developed measurement tools), guaranteeing an absolute lossless link. 

The original SR4 was instantly acclaimed among JMF Audio equipment owners for the astounding openness and light on the musical rendering. The following SR4 and SR8 models have elevated the pleasure of listening in numerous different setups.


The SR4 and SR8 are hand-built in-house by JMF Audio. The conductors are made of highly pure long crystals. Starting from SR4-C and SR8 models, the construction has been totally symmetrical as valued in JMF Audio's designs. The whole cable assembly requires very precise conductors and shield placement for optimal sound result. The manufacturing is a long process. The latest SR4-C and SR8-C models feature the EHF super shield with an additional link to chassis ground, which further improves immunity from electromagnetic interferences and electrostatic charges that are responsible for sound blurring.


The SR4-C and SR8-C are distinguished by a soft natural, faithful and homogeneous sound, the rightness of timbres and an exceptional coherent deep and wide three dimensional soundstage. Instruments of an orchestra appear at the real place, letting the listener feel the space surrounding the musicians.  


The SR4 and SR8 cables have been the link of choice between different configurations of power amplifiers and speakers for numerous music lovers, passionate or professionals. The SR4 and SR8 cables also provide a matched link between JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers and JMF Audio HPM speakers, especially when fitted with JMF Audio's specific LSS terminals (loss less dia. 6mm PGP gold terminals - 120A current rated). 



Since 2016, version C of SR4 and SR8, each individual cable has been identified with a serial number with the corresponding manufacturing and measurement notes stored in JMF Audio's files. Before delivery every cable has passed through a break-in period and listening tests in our studios for verification compared to our references. We are proud to deliver our latest models to you in the deluxe boxes they deserve. 




Key features :


 -  PLC pure long crystal, specific to JMF Audio

 -  XQD symmetrical design specific to JMF Audio (starting from SR4-C, featured on all SR8 versions)

 -  TSD specific JMF Audio shielding technique. Improved with EHF super shield starting from SR4-C and SR8-C.

 -  NAS neutral solder made to measure for JMF Audio (solder of conductors and shields to connectors)

 -  LSS loss less JMF Audio diameter 6mm specific terminals (120A reated), specific PGP gold or massive forks.



SR8 -C  massive fork terminals


SR4 -C   JMF Audio dia. 6mm LSS terminals on power amplifier's side / massive fork on speaker's side

Present models:

SR8 -C Dia. 35mm, 8 main conductors, EHF shield with additional link
SR4 -C Dia. 22mm, 4 main conductors, EHF shield with additional link

length 2.5m, JMF Audio dia. 6mm LSS or fork terminals (custom possible)

Owners' comments:

The JMF Audio SR4 and SR8 cables have seduced music lovers from all areas. Whether these experienced audiophiles and sound engineers used to defend more or less exotic technologies, silver or copper based conductors, they have found in the JMF Audio cables the precision, timbres rightness, amplitude, greatness in the presentation of music.

We are thankful to the enthusiastic JMF Audio instruments-for-the-music owners for their feedbacks, comments and the wish for some of them to get the information published. 

However it has been decided to limit the comments on this page to just a few. Music enthusiasts are invited to discover and experience for themselves. JMF Audio would be pleased to guide and advise a representative.

Please refer to the Contact page and our Policy.



Mr. O. G. (HQS7001, DXC2.2-MKII)

"The more JMF Audio elements I add (CM4, SR8), the closer I get to the natural sound I have always looked for" 


Mr. A. M. (HQS9001, PRS1.5, SR8, CM4)

"I purchased my previous expensive cables because my speakers were said to have been designed using them. In the end the SR8 provides a much better control, definition, soundstage and overall musicality" 


Mr. W. (HQS3200) Japan 

"My friend thought his speakers may be getting old. We tried my SR8 cables on them and they felt young again! [...]" from friend Masa I. (HQS7001, PRS1.5, CM4B, SR8) Japan


Mr. D.H., (HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5, CM4, SR8) 

"I replaced all my highly regarded speaker cables with JMF Audio SR8. There was no point in keeping them."


Mr. L.R. (SR8, PC3)

"I received the cables last Friday, which allowed me to listen longly over the week end. Needless to tell you what the SR8 bring me since you know them better than anybody, I am just totally satisfied."


Mr. S. D. (HQS6002, DXC2.2, CM4, SR4)

"Now that I use the SR4 cable, I can turn up my monitors tweeter gain to the nominal position." 


Revisions history:

SR8 -C Revisited TSD shield. Features EHF super shield with additional connection to chassis ground. New massive lowest loss forks. Major ugrade. (2017). Present model.

Initial release, unique pure long crystal conductors. SR8 defined as the JMF Audio reference speaker cable. An original SR8 can be upgraded to SR8-C.


SR4 -C SR4-C now shares the same designs as SR8-C. Major ugrade. (2017). Present model.
SR4 -B Release of B version, as a smaller and more affordable (no XQD technology) version of SR8 and featuring traditional fork terminals.

When possible, upgrades are proposed for clients to take advantage of the results of our continuous research and development efforts, without the need for product change. It means "details", but details make the differences and can lead to the exceptional. The cable revision (B, C, D...) is indicated by a silver badge next to the model name and is linked to the product serial number in JMF Audio's tracking files. 

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Previous models:

SR4 Conductors splitter made of walnut with laser engraved signs and logo. This cable does not feature the unique PLC pure long crystal conductors.


Initial release, different metals for conductors, possibility to screw forks, banana or JMF Audio dia. 6mm terminals. This cable does not feature the unique PLC pure long crystal conductors. 

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