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It is with a decades-long experience in the manufacture of audio cables that JMF Audio has approached the study of the AES-EBU digital audio link. This was conducted in parallel with the development of the DXC2.2 MKII converter and finally the CD transport. It was important to benefit from the most qualitative digital link between these two elements, in order to develop their interfacing circuits with serenity. The first cable, called DP3, was added to our range of products and received praise. A few years later, the DP5, technologically advanced and robust, became the reference.

Normalized for studio applications, the balanced interconnect is the most appropriate for high quality transmissions. Compared to the single ended SPDIF (coaxial), the AES-EBU norm defines 10 times larger signals magnitude (better eye diagram), full balancing and galvanic isolation (common mode rejection of noise and electromagnetic interferences). 

Impedance matching is a key parameter in digital circuits. An AES-EBU link must present 110 ohms of impedance to signals in the 1MHz to 100MHz range, which impedance is defined by construction. Only correct impedance matching can ensure coherent sound rendering, especially on spacial image. With the DP5, we have pushed further toward precision impedance matching with the proprietary DIM concept.

Another key point is sensitivity to noise and electromagnetic interferences. On this aspect, the DP5 inherits of the TSD shielding technique that JMF Audio developed many years ago and successfully applied to the CM4/CM8 modulation and SR4/SR8 speaker cables. The latest DP5-B cable features our new proprietary EHF super shield technology.  


Like the other cables, it is made in-house by JMF Audio and takes advantage of the company's more than 40 years of experience in the fields of high-frequency electronics and transmissions as outlined in the page History of the brand.


The DP5 cable is distinguished by a soft natural, faithful and homogeneous sound, free from granularity, revealing an exceptional and coherent soundstage and unsuspected details of dynamics.


The DP5 cable has linked audio devices in different setups with excellent results. It also creates a matched link between JMF Audio elements (DMT 3.7 transport, DXC 2.2 converter). The philosophy is preserved, especially with the latest cable version. 

Since 2016, DP5 model, each individual cable has been identified with a serial number with the corresponding manufacturing and measurement notes stored in JMF Audio's files. Before delivery every cable has passed through a break-in period and listening tests in our studios for verification compared to our references. We are proud to deliver our latest models to you in the deluxe boxes they deserve. 



Key features :


 -  DIM precision digital impedance matching, JMF Audio concept

 -  TSD specific JMF Audio shielding technique. Improved with EHF super shield starting from DP5-B.

 -  NAS neutral solder made to measure for JMF Audio (solder of conductors and shields to connectors)

 -  High quality metal XLR connectors with gold plated contacts 



DP5 -B


Present models :

DP5 -B Dia. 15mm. EHF shield. Metal XLR gold plated contact connectors. Length 1.5m. (custom possible)

Owners' comments:

The JMF Audio DP5 (and previous DP3) cable has seduced music lovers from all areas. Whether these experienced audiophiles and sound engineers used to defend more or less exotic technologies, they have found in the JMF Audio cable the precision, timbres rightness, amplitude, greatness in the presentation of music.

We are thankful to the enthusiastic JMF Audio instruments-for-the-music owners for their feedbacks, comments and the wish for some of them to get the information published. 

However it has been decided to limit the comments on this page to just a few. Music enthusiasts are invited to discover and experience for themselves. JMF Audio would be pleased to guide and advise a representative.

Please refer to the Contact page and our Policy.


Mr. O. M. (France)

"The DP5 AES-EBU has advantageously replaced my previous cable between my transport and my DAC [both high-end from a French respected make]. It has pushed the sound stage back a little, which provides a new perspective on the aesthetics of the recording and the location of the recording. The positioning of the instruments, the great spatial coherence and especially the temporal precision dazzled me. A host of hitherto stifled details appeared to emphasize the feeling of credibility and natural of the sound reproduction. The atmosphere of the place is reproduced with rigor. Bravo for this great cable." via e-mail (2017)


Mr. P. V. (DXC2.2)

"I received the cable today and tested it. Indeed music is more present, purer, with an improvement on all the spectrum. The enthousiast reactions that one can read on your web site are not overworked at all. I am planning to evaluate other JMF Audio cables." via e-mail (2015)


Mr. O. G. (HQS7001, DXC2.2-MKII)

"Thank you for sending an AES-EBU along with the DXC2.2-MKII [for trial], but I already have an excellent one" ... a week later, the JMF Audio cable was ordered.




Almost all JMF Audio DMT 3.7 transport owners' have adopted the DP5-B AES-EBU link.


Revisions history:

DP5 -B Introduction of the EXF shield. Revisited TSD shield. Allows a total continuity with the isolation concepts inherent in the JMF Audio electronic devices. Upgrading a DP5 to a DP5-B is possible.

Developed with the DMT3.7 transport. Best match with DXC2.2 MKII DAC. Completely new design

When possible, upgrades are proposed for clients to take advantage of the results of our continuous research and development efforts, without the need for product change. It means "details", but details make the differences and can lead to the exceptional. The cable revision (B, C, D...) is indicated by a silver badge next to the model name and is linked to the product serial number in JMF Audio's tracking files. 

> More information about our upgrade policy.


Previous models:


New release 2012/2013, superceeding DP2, completely new design.

DP2 -C Improved TSD adaptation to digital case. Enhanced sound homogeneity
DP2 -B Improved TSD adaptation to digital case. Enhanced sound homogeneity
DP2 Initial release (2010)

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