AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention 2016

The leaders on the Blu-ray Pure Audio format (high definition audio only, no video) united at the AES Convention.

David Miles Huber

Musician, producer, author, USA ; whose latest music was released on Pure Audio Blu-ray disc, Grammy Awards nominated.

Laurent Fusilier 

JMF Audio, France,  designer of the world's first Pure Audio Blu-ray optimized player, featuring the proprietary BDPM1 optical mechanism.

Stefan Bock

MSM Studios, Germany, pioneer on the Pure Audio Blu-ray disc format and inventor of the associated mShuffle technology.

Daniel Shores 

Sono Luminus, USA, sound engineer, American pioneer on Pure Audio Blu-ray, multi Grammy Awards nominations. (classical and jazz)

Morten Lindberg 

2L, Norway, sound engineer and producer, pioneer on Pure Audio Blu-ray, multi Grammy Awards nominated. (classical music)

Please refer to the DMT3.7 transport (CD/SACD/Blu-ray) and DXC2.2 MKII converter (768kHz). 


Daniel Shores, presenting Sono Luminus' Blu-ray Audio productions

> Blu-ray Pure Audio releases

Morten Lindberg, presenting 2L music production techniques 

> 2L trusts JMF Audio

The music producer surrounded by the playback and the recording equipment manufacturers. 


The AES convention also created the opportunity to discuss future projects with hit-maker sound engineer and producer Nicolas Stawski (pop music and musical comedy) in his JMF Audio equipped studio:

The latest experiments of Nicolas Stawski with said "mastering grade" speakers and power amplifiers reinforced his confidence about JMF Audio...  (currently using JMF Audio HQS9001 power amplifiers, PC3 cords, SR8 cables, custom TAD based 20Hz speakers)

> Read article in Pro-Sound News (England)


From classical on the international scene to pop, JMF Audio stands for the Music.


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